I joined Mike Graham and Katie Perrior of talkRADIO on Monday morning to talk about the political controversy engulfing the UK Government, with Home Secretary Amber Rudd resigning over the revelations of targets for removal of immigrants from the country.

I explain why the controversy — sparked by the threatened deportations of the “Windrush Generation” of West Indians, some of whom have been in the UK for decades — is not just about an overworked Home Office.

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Instead, this is a combination of a failure of a system, a failure of accountability, and a widen failure of a hardline policy on immigration — one that was promoted by the current Prime Minister, Theresa May, when she was Home Secretary.

And this is likely to escalate, given that immigration is one of the issues intertwined with Britain’s troubled Brexit departure from the European Union.

Listen from 7:04 in the 0630-0700 Segment

#RT @talkRADIO: Professor Scott Lucas: "We're heading towards a political and economical crash. There are a number of issues that have not been resolved and immigration is one of them." Watch again ▼@Iromg | @ScottLucas_EA | #AmberRuddResigns | … pic.twitter.com/eMun1li2H8

— Dennie Morris (@DennieMorris) April 30, 2018