I joined BBC World Service on Thursday morning to assess the state of the crowded Republican field to run for US President, following last night’s third debate.

The take-away line in US media is that the night was a disaster for Jeb Bush — which is true — but I suggested that the bigger story is the trouble for the Republican Party, with the need to find an “establishment” candidate to deal with the front-running businessman Donald Trump and Dr Ben Carson.

Both Trump and Carson appeal to the supporters of the GOP who want to damn Washington and respond to the message of anger, but I seriously doubt that can appeal to enough voters to capture the White House in 2016.

So can the GOP find salvation in Florida Senator Marco Rubio, widely acknowleged as last night’s “winner”? And who else might provide some hope to block another Clinton Presidency?

Listen to package from 26:45, with my contribution from 29:50