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Rebels Try to Defeat Islamic State in Northern Damascus Suburbs

Rebels have reportedly launched another attack on the town of Kassab, in western Syria near the Turkish border.

A pro-Assad outlet says the opposition attacked on Saturday afternoon, storming the border crossing and “infiltrating” militia positions. They reached the strategic hill of Tower 45 before they were reportedly pushed back towards the border.

Rebel channels have not released news about the attack, but the pro-Assad al-Masdar News claims that both Jabhat al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham, a leading faction in the Islamic Front and the recently-formed Jaish al-Fatah operations room, are involved.

Kassab, located in northern Latakia Province near the Mediterranean coast, was prominent in spring 2014 when rebels launched an offensive capturing the town and the surrounding area, including Tower 45. Regime forces retook Kassab in June.

The town has a large Armenian population, many of whom fled during the spring 2014 fighting.

Regime Bombing Across Daraa Province in South; At Least 20 Killed

The Local Coordination Committees reports that 20 people, including women and children, have been killed across Daraa Province in southern Syria by regime bombing on Sunday.

Graphic video has been posted of one child being rescued from rubble in Tafas and another being treated in Dael:

Very graphic footage has also been posted of bloodied bodies in Dael, as well as shrouded victims:

Aftermath of an airstrike in Saida:

Pro-Assad Outlet: Regime Forces Take 3rd Village South of Idlib

The pro-Assad al-Masdar News claims that elite Syrian forces have captured a third village in their counter-attack south of Idlib.

The site declares that units under commander Colonel Sohail “The Tiger” Hassan took Muqablah and surrounding farms, and also control the road leading to the village of Fayloun.

However, Syrian State news agency SANA does not claim the capture of Muqablah. It says only that a “number of terrorists” were “eliminated” in the village as well as in other parts of Idlib Province.

Earlier this week, the Syrian forces were able to move into Kafr Najd and Nahlaya, northwest of the town of Ariha.

The advances have checked the rebel offensive that captured the provincial capital of Idlib on March 28 and threatened to move towards Ariha, en route to Aleppo and Latakia Provinces.

Al-Masdar News indicates that fighting continues closer to Idlib city, including near the regime’s military camp at Mastoumeh, with Syrian forces still unable to claim Qamaenas and under attack in the “Brick Factory” position.