UPDATE, Dec 24: Seyfullakh al-Shishani’s faction, Jaish al-Khilafatu Islamiya, has announced that it has joined Jabhat al-Nusra:

Emir Seyfullakh al-Shishani (Ruslan Machaliashvili), the leader of the predominantly North Caucasian faction Jaish al-Khilafatu Islamiya, has made a video address following the insurgent capture of the Kindi barracks in Aleppo City.

The Kindi barracks, formerly a hospital, had been taken over and used as a barracks by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Insurgents from a variety of factions including the Islamic Front cooperated to capture Kindi. The operation included two suicide truck bombings. (According to UmmaNews, a Russian-language pro-jihad website, one of the suicide attackers was named Abu Marwan and was from Iraqi Kurdistan. The second suicide bomber was from Iranian Kurdistan, the western part of Iran bordering Iraq and Turkey.)


In the video, published on the Usudusham YouTube channel — Seyfullakh’s official channel — Seyfullakh is shown sporting a fur hat as he tours the area outside the devastated Kindi barracks.

Seyfullakh shows the destruction of the former hospital and says that there are no infidels remaining there.

Alhamdulillah (Praise God), there was a martyrdom operation and we took this place.

This is the will of Allah, in short. In short, a lot of infidels were killed here.

(Seyfullakh points out the place where the suicide operation took place. He then continues to walk around, pointing at the building and explaining that there are no more infidels left.)

Muslims are working here. Muslims, al-hamdulillah, are waging jihad here. Here, in short, there are no more infidels.

(Seyfullakh now gives a message to the leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.)

So when Kadyrov says he’s gonna send people here, I say this, send ’em — we’re waiting here.


Who should we fear but Allah? We’ll kill you all….We’re establishing Islam here, we’re establishing the religion of Allah.

(The video now shows badly burned corpses, including one with a severed head.)

They’re infidels!

(The camera zooms in on the severed head. There’s a child’s or woman’s voice in the background, as unseen people mock the corpse in Russian.)

(Child or woman:) Just like a dog!

(The video now shows us Seyfullakh, who mocks Kadyrov in Chechen or Azeri. He seems to be mocking Kadyrov’s threats to send Russian special forces after Chechen fighters in Syria.)

(The next part of the video shows a group of fighters holding a black jihadist flag with a green emblem. Seyfullakh is present in the center right. An Arabic speaker lists the groups involved in the captured of Kindi including the Islamic Front, Jabhat al-Nusra and Harakat Ahrar ash-Sham al-Islami. It is not clear with which faction Seyfullakh and his men fought.)