This video, posted on August 25, shows a Russian-speaking Chechen fighter in Syria, identified as Abu Ibrahim Shishani (Abu Ibrahim The Chechen).

Abu Ibrahim explains that the Mujahideen have set up a “mini factory” for manufacturing home-made rockets.

He does not say where in Syria the factory is — likely so that its whereabouts is not discovered by the Assad regime or rival insurgent groups.

Abu Ibrahim explains that almost the entire process of making the rockets is carried out right here in the mini-factory by the Mujahideen.

“This work allows us to operate against the “Kafirs” [infidels],” he explains.

Abu Ibrahim then shows the viewer different types of rockets at various stages of completion and points out the machinery used to create the various types of rocket casings.

One of the rockets shown at 0:52 has range of 60-80 kilometers, according to Abu Ibrahim.

At 1:52, Abu Ibrahim shows us some finished munitions, missing only a small component on the head of the rocket.

“This is the sort of work that our immigrants, what our jamaat, are doing,” he explains, referring to foreign fighters who have come to Syria to wage Jihad.

After showing the machinery for making the rocket casings, Abu Ibrahim segues into a fundraising proposition: right now, there are not enough rockets being made, he says, but adds:

“Enshallah [God willing], if help is given, if there is the possibility for these people to help, this factory could produce more, and we can make more and more rockets, enshallah. The thing is that if there is any way to help, here in Syria, the Mujahideen…if there is a way to give the means… I can show you what use we can make of it…. If we have more funds we can make more types [of rocket]… with few funds we can only produce these types….”

Abu Ibrahim goes on to say that by donating so that more rockets can be produced, donors can have a big effect, and notes that the Mujahideen are not working for a wage.

“We will be be able to make more weapons to fight the infidels, Enshallah,” he emphasizes. “I’m making this proposition to anyone who knows me, who sees this situation and who wants to help,” Abu Ibrahim concludes.