EAWorldView’s Scott Lucas discussed the details and consequences of Israel’s airstrikes inside Syria with Monocle 24’s The Globalist correspondent Daniella Peled.

Listen from 7:09 mark — with EAWorldView’s contribution from 10:20 — on The Globalist’s homepage or in separate pop-out window

Take-away points:

1. A lot of the supposed information on the airstrikes — such as Israel targeting weapons like Iranian-made Fateh 110 missiles or Israel acting without notifying the US — is misleading or incorrect;

1. “Everyone — the regime, the insurgency, regime supporters like Iran, opposition supporters like the US, Turkey, and Arab States — has to re-calculate strategy in light of these attacks”;

3. “But fundamentally, this does not change the calculus: is Assad going to help firm or step down? Are the opposition and insurgency going to be able to unify to help build internationa support?”

4. “The Israelis are trying to degrade Assad’s military capabilities, which just happens to help the insurgents if they decide to make a push on Damascus.”

Scott also talks about Sunday’s curious report that a United Nations investigator has claimed “suspicions” of insurgent use of the nerve agent sarin.

Featured Analyst: Scott Lucas