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Trump’s Budget Attack on Poor, Arts, Environment, Education, Development, Diplomacy, Science….

Trump’s Budget Attack on Poor, Arts, Environment, Education, Development, Diplomacy, Science….
March 17
11:15 2017

The Trump Administration’s first budget imposes deep cuts in almost all non-military programs, eliminating some, while boosting spending in the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security.

Citing “security”, the Administration adds more than $52 billion (about 10%) to Defense, $2.8 billion (7%) to Homeland Security, and $4.4 billion (6%) to Veterans’ Affairs.

But other areas of security — environmental security, social security, and security through diplomacy and development — are slashed as well as programs for the poor, education, and the arts.

Read the budget proposal

Despite the sweeping reductions, discretionary spending in the overall Federal budget is only reduced by about 1.2%, because of the boost in military spending — as well as $2.6 billion would be dedicated for border security technology and infrastructure, including Trump’s “The Wall” on the US-Mexican border, and $1.8 billion to support the crackdown on undocumented immigrants.

Some of the cuts:

*Climate change research is eliminated

*National Endowment for Humanities is eliminated

*National Endowment for Arts is eliminated

*Pre- and after-school and summer school education and social programs are eliminated

*The Community Development Block Grant Program, which funds local improvement efforts and anti-poverty programs and contributes to Meals on Wheels for the elderly, is eliminated

*Rental assistance and homeownership programs and affordable housing initiatives are reduced

*National Forest System is cut and loan and grant programs for water and sewage systems are eliminated

*Job training programs are cut, including those for seniors, disadvantaged young people, and the unemployed

*State Department and Agency for International Development budget is cut 28%, with almost 50% reduction in support for UN programs. Funding for the World Bank will decrease $650 million over three years. Support is eliminated for the US Institute of Peace and Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

*Corporation for Public Broadcasting is eliminated

*Help for college students with greatest need is eliminated

*Environmental Protection Agency budget is reduced by 31%, including elimination of the Clean Power Plan to curb greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. Clean energy initiatives such as the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy and the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program are cut or eliminated

*Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program is eliminated

*The National Institutes of Health budget is cut 18%

*National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s grants and programs for coastal and marine management, research, and education are eliminated

*The Minority Business Development Agency is eliminated

*National Heritage Areas and the National Wildlife Refuge Fund are cut

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Scott Lucas

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