Turkey Analysis: Erdogan, the Military, and a Bleak Future for the People


PHOTO: President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at a press conference at Istanbul’s airport early Saturday, in front of a portrait of the founder of the Turkish Republic, Kemal Ataturk

Daniel Round writes for EA:

Today people inside and outside Turkey will try to take stock of the extraordinary events of the last 24 hours, in which a coup by part of the military appeared to be close to success, only to be rapidly defeated after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called on the public to take to the streets.

There will be conflicting responses, wrestling both with Erdoğan’s move to authoritarian rule and suppression of dissent and with the prospect of a military regime:

There will be uncertainty about what comes next, with Turkey also caught up in regional conflicts and the influx of almost three million Syrian refugees, the fighting between security forces and the Kurdish insurgency PKK, and a series of bombings by the Islamic State.

A look forward might begin with a look at the past between the Government and the military.

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Post-Modern Coups

The last military coup in Turkey was in 1997 — often referred to as the “postmodern coup” or the “coup by memorandum” — when the army forced out Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan, leader of the Islamic Millî Görüş movement.

However, it was the last “hard” military coup in 1980 that fundamentally reshaped Turkish politics and society. Islam was gradually reintroduced into Turkish politics to bolster the legitimacy of the State among the marginalized masses, amid a bloody civil war in the southeast.

The post-1980 Islamo-nationalist (or Turco-Islamic) synthesis paved the way for Erdoğan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP). But while ruling since 2002, the AKP has faced much resistance from within the State apparatus, demonstrating the contradictions of the modern Turkish state.

The memory of the 1997 coup-by-memorandum against a pious Prime Minister has lingered in the minds of religious AKP supporters. Erdoğan is often portrayed as the savior of civilian rule after decades of military intervention by an elite cabal of aloof, decadent generals. Meanwhile, the army presents itself, alongside the judiciary, as the bastion of Kemalist secularism.

The armed forces have always seen Erdoğan and AKP as a threat., with an alleged coup by secular generals — Operation Sledgehammer — dating to 2003. After AKP’s Abdullah Gül became President in 2007, generals boycotted official ceremonies because Gül’s wife Hayrünnisa was wearing a headscarf.

During the first term of AKP rule from 2002 to 2007, then-Prime Minister Erdoğan was fairly cautious, not wishing to give the “deep State” cause to react. But after AKP’s resounding election victory in 2007, with 47% of the vote, an emboldened Erdoğan took action against the old establishment.

Initially, the battle was fought through the courts. In 2007 allegations surfaced about a clandestine group named Ergenekon – an ultra-nationalist organisation that had infiltrated the Turkish military. A year later, the pressure was on AKP, with the Constitutional Court coming very close to shutting it as “a centre for anti-secular activities”.

In 2010, the pendulum swung again as the Sledgehammer allegations surfaced. Hundreds were arrested and tried in the ensuing Ergenekon and Sledgehammer proceedings, not only military officials but also journalists and opposition politicians. Additional raids since 2013, escalating after the Gezi Park protests and corruption scandal, targeted lawyers, judges, intellectuals, and alleged followers of the exiled cleric Fethullah Gülen.

Erdoğan, President since 2014, now says he is battling a “parallel state”. Meanwhile, the Government has moved to militarize and politicize the police, providing the President with a new power base — one which proved essential to his survival against last night’s uprising.

Since 2011, Erdoğan had enjoyed an improved relationship with a subdued army, and had appointed loyalists to top positions in the military and security services. The Government also tried to reform the culture of the armed forces, shifting it from the traditional secular orientation — for example, in 2014 Quran classes were introduced in military schools for the first time.

However, with the war across the border in Syria and the breakdown of the peace process with the PKK from July 2015, the Government had to turn to experienced generals who are less likely to be sympathetic to the AKP’s politics. Concern has risen from the spillover of the Syrian conflict, with both ISIS and the Kurdish Freedom Falcons (TAK), an offshoot of the PKK, launching deadly attacks in Turkish cities.

Meanwhile, there is widespread opposition to Erdoğan’s plans to change the Constitution. Although pledges have been made to uphold the secular nature of the Turkish Republic, there is much support among the AKP base for religious ideas to be introduced. Last night’s statement by the leaders of the uprising, under the auspices of the “Peace in the Country Council”, said that “secular democracy has been annulled” by the President.


Man hit surrendering anti-Government soldiers with a belt

A Bleak Future

But what happens now?

Erdoğan’s survival will likely be his Reichstag Fire moment. The coup attempt will be a pretext to clamp down even further on the “parallel state”, targeting alleged Gülenists and clandestine secular-nationalist elements in the army and judiciary.

That leaves Turkey’s ethnic minorities and opposition groups between the Devil and the deep blue sea. They always have the most to lose from military juntas, as they are well aware from the horrifying experience of widespread State terror in the 1980s under General Evren. But in Erdoğan’s post-coup rule, it is Kurds, liberal voices in the media, trade unionists, and opposition parties — especially the leftist HDP, whose deputies’ parliamentary immunity was recently lifted — who will bear the brunt of ramped-up authoritarianism, censorship, and lumpen-populism.

For many oppressed people in Turkey, a civilian government dominated by the current President could be little better than another 1980s-style junta.

The President’s “Yeni Türkiye” (New Turkey), molded by the AKP vision, will be both shaped and seriously damaged by these events. If democracy and pluralism are to have a chance, it is crucial that Erdoğan is not allowed to further monopolize the “pro-civilian”, “pro-democracy” narrative and that opposition voices of all stripes are heard. But the prospects for this in the current political landscape are bleak.

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  1. Erdogan will come out of this so much stronger that a lot of his opponents are already proposing conspiracy theories that he somehow staged the coup himself. It’s backfiring badly on his opponents. They botched the coup from the start by not capturing Erdogan.

    • I am impressed that it only took the internet a couple of hours to declare the whole thing a ruse designed to increase electoral popularity. Never mind the devastating instability for the country and its economy, never mind the personal embarrassment to Erdogan, or any of the other million downsides to the attempted coup for Erdogan and Turkey.

      Who needs facts when you’ve got a fun conspiracy theory?!

    • They wanted him dead … the town of Marmaris was bombed from the air shortly after Tayyip had left … so several shades of Operation Valkyrie, 20 July 1944, including most ordinary troops involved having been informed this was an exercise, then surrendering upon realising the truth.
      Coup plotters were right about one thing though when they announced on TV, “there will be a new constitution.” Indeed, but theirs [probably drafted by Yanki State Dept.] is destined for the Museum of Comic Relief while on their way to the gallows they’ve handed Tayyip a blank cheque to arbitrarily rewrite his own. Poetic!
      Here’s one capo of the Busted Coup, still in the garb of a loyal Rear Admiral, snagged by police in Mersin, being led away for hanging:
      Kurds react to news of Tayyip’s downfall:
      The White Turk Yanki-mindslaves have blown their last chance to regain power and won’t survive to have another, as the great 2016 FETöcide will now commence. By this faux pas Dumbo Obomber has literally made Erdogan President for Life of a very hostile Turkey.
      Tayyip live on TV from Istanbul, says the coup attempt was an “act of treason” and “the army must be cleansed.” 2745 judges have already been sacked, so it appears the purge will be exquisitely thorough.
      Also, his reckoning with the Yanki ‘Friends of Turkey’ begins early — Incirlik AB sealed from outside and electricity cut, the airspace closed by Turkish AF. A few dozen Yanki nukes are stashed there, so maybe Tayyip will nab them as a just compensation for this calculated stab in the back from his dear NATO ‘ally’:
      Right now they are probably burning incriminating files on all cylinders in the Ankara Yanki Embassy SpyNest, like in Teheran, 1979. ++Nostalgic!

      • The airspace for Incirlik has been closed until they make sure it’s in the hands of regime loyalists. It’s a major Turkish Air Force base and the Turkish Air Force were some of the main backers of the coup. Makes sense. Nice try. You still reek of desperation.

  2. german SPIEGEL reports that a Turkish helicopter landed in Greece with 8 coup conspirators who requested political asylum

  3. General opinion is that Erdogan will strengthen his grip after the failed coup. But , IMO …
    – From this time now Facebook,twitter,other social platforms will never be disturbed;it saved Erdogan
    – Many Turk journalists have been harassed by Erdogan’s system ; I know one(a good and big one) that even was obliged to leave Turkey (Mahir Zeynalov,from Hurryiet Daily News — I hope not to make mistakes); but his tweeter account was completely against the coup).
    With small exceptions media was full anti coup ,and it should be completely free( but here still disagreement regarding the “news” of Erdogan providing weapons to Islamists exactly before the vote or about restaurants frequented by Erdogan family that are owned by ISIS in Turkey)
    -Erdogan’s Foreign Policy and diplomacy , the voice to support Syrian Revolution,Morsi support (who won democratically the elections, supporting Turks rights was considered “blackmail” by many in Europe + Obama never happy.I bet he had not many friends(I mean In US, Europe,Russia,Iran,Israel)

  4. The coup plotters badly miscalculated the reaction of the public. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of angry mobs beatings pro-coup soldiers who were surrendering. It probably doesn’t help that the coup plotters carelessly killed civilians.

  5. Spiegel reports that İncirlik air base has been sealed off by turkish security forces , nobody goes in or out and electric power has been cut

  6. Sometimes I suspected that Kerry did not only “playing dumb”

    #SecKerry: #TurkeyCoup “does not appear to be brilliantly planned or executed.. We stand by the democratically elected leader & leadership”

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Gulenists have ties to the CIA, after all doesn’t ever NATO country has a gladio network? In case anyone is wondering what the gladio-network is here’s a link:
    Excerpt: “Operation Gladio (Italian: Operazione Gladio) is the codename for a clandestine North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) “stay-behind” operation in Italy during the Cold War. Its purpose was to prepare for, and implement, armed resistance in the event of a Warsaw Pact invasion and conquest. Although Gladio specifically refers to the Italian branch of the NATO stay-behind organizations, “Operation Gladio” is used as an informal name for all of them. The name Gladio is the Italian form of gladius, a type of Roman shortsword. Stay-behind operations were prepared in many NATO member countries, and some neutral countries.[1]”
    And here’s an old BBC documentary on the subject:
    This is why yesterday I found the timing of the coup is extremely suspicious (two days after Erdogan’s peaceful reconciliation with Putin) and everyone knows that within the CIA there are extremely Russophobic elements and finally, correct me if am wrong, but Fetullah Gulen currently resides in the same US state as the CIA is headquartered is it not? Furthermore hasn’t the former CIA agent (but now a member of the conspiracy club) has often claimed that Fetullah Gullen is a CIA-stooge? The more you look into this whole coup-attempt the more it reeks of the CIA and the old Gladio-operations that use to plague Italy in the 80s and 90s.

    • with this massive purge it means CIA/Obama lost all their hidden influences and Erdogan is much more free to act as he wants

    • K9, in total agreement to your end of post questions……
      If it is so , Erdogan will have some “dirty” leverage against the strongest man of the world ; and only because it happened to be Obama … I like it!

    • The CIA is headquartered in Virginia. Gulen is in Pennsylvania and there is still zero proof that Gulen even had anything to do with the coup. He doesn’t even have a large following among the military. It looks like Erdogan is using him as a scapegoat.

      • Kevin: Here’s my reasoning –
        Gulen is suspected to have ties with the CIA. He’s accused to have built a parallel government structure (through patronage and infiltration) within Turkey, where Gulen got the money to do this is mired in conspiracy but the theories connecting him to the CIA are plausible I think. Former CIA agent Sybil Edmonds (though unfortunately popular with the conspiraloon crowd) has repeatedly claimed that there are connections between Fetullah Gulen and the CIA. Every NATO country (excluding US and Britain) has a ‘stay behind’ army created as a result of operation Gladio. It’s not beyond the stretch of imagination that the Gulenists in Turkey are part of the CIA’s gladio-network.
        So why would CIA do this?
        Erdogan has more then once blackmailed EU countries – and by extension NATO? – by threatening to use uncontrollable refugee numbers from Syria to destabilise the European continent to extract favourable economic concessions for Turkey from EU and Erdogan has been doing this at a time whilst Russia is menacing both the Ukraine and the Baltic states through hybrid-warfare. The EU cannot remain united against Putin’s territorial revanchism if they’re too busy fending off public resentment (e.g. refugee rape claims) and public incitement (see Pegida) by right-wing populists (many of whom – such as our Farage/UKIP – are openly pro-Russian) because of the presence of large (under 90K?) Syrian refugees numbers (see the Farage poster: the lines of Syrian refugees was used during the Brexit referendum) on the European continent. Couple with this fact that Erdogan after reconciling with Putin has double done on his anti-EU rhetoric. So it doesn’t take a stretch of imagination that some paranoid Russophobic elements of the CIA anticipating future NATO-Russian conflict over the Baltics (something which the RAND organisation has been wargaming for months – you can google their reports) would want to neutralise the geo-politically destabilising effect of the Erdogan government by activating it’s Gladio-network (aka the Gulenists) in Turkey so as to have installed a more pliable and predictable leaders in an important NATO country like Turkey.

        • I’m very aware of the CIA’s history. I’m just not a huge conspiracy theory guy. It usually takes some pretty solid evidence to convince me and in this case there is none and there is plenty that argues against it. For one thing those operations you mention happened during a very different time, under very different conditions. For another, if the CIA was involved then we’re talking about Bay of Pigs levels of incompetence considering they completely failed to account for Erdogan and he promptly rallied the people. I don’t buy it, but if you want to believe it I’m not going to argue about it. I mean I wish the CIA was as powerful as some people thought.

          • Kevin: Generally am like you when there’s a toss up between conspiracy and cock-up I prefer the latter as a plausible explanation the only reason why on this occasion I think the conspiracy theory is plausible is because so far it’s the only the explains the current coup event in Turkey effectively but let’s ignore this theory for a minute and instead opt for the prosaic explanation that this was an internal-tiff between Erdogan and the military well then we have to ask the following questions:
            When the coup occurred why did the majority of the Turkish military establishment come out against it? Why did it not follow the historical precedent within Turkey of having unanimous support within the military? Does this not indicate a factionalised/polarised military and indicate that Erdogan is never near as unpopular with the military? It is widely accepted that there’s Gulenists within many Turkish institutions (e.g. police, media, military, law etc) yes? How did so many Gulenists – a overtly religious movement – rise so high into senior position in these secular establishment without any opposition considering how effectively these same institutions have blocked graduates of the Imam Hatip schools from entering and rising into those institutions? Surely members of a religious movement can only rise in a militantly secular institution (e.g. army, judiciary etc) covertly (ie infiltration) and through patronage (e.g. political nepotism – promoting one of their own) no? In which case where did Fetullah Gulen get the money from? It’d have to be vast if he got so many of them in so high positions (e.g. head of police departments, army units, media conglomerates etc) and who’d give him such money (unless raised through criminal activities?) except foreign intelligence agencies.
            But am willing to accept I could be wrong but modern Turkish history indicates that traditionally coups don’t occur in Turkey (last nasty one was in the 80s) without CIA involvement.

  8. It looks that Gulenists were already declared guilty of the coup ! It’s convenient for Erdogan.
    But it is too simple. And it is how I said it . Erdogan did not have many friends.
    -opposed Obama (Kurds FP and permanent asking for Syria intervention, even at last NATO meeting)
    -opposed Europe ( newspapers accusing him of “blackmail”)
    -supported Morsi against Sisi in Egypt, Hamas against Israel.
    -opposed Russia(Syria + Nagorno -Karabah + tartars of Crimee) ,Iran(they have common understanding only regarding the Kurds at the common border ),Iraq
    – even Jordan had bad declaration about Erdogan
    My question ? Only Gulenists ? Or better said “who is behind Gulenists?” Is it US ? NATO was
    aware? Other European countries did know?

  9. #BREAKING Pres Obama convenes a security meeting with his advisers on the situation in Turkey, per White House
    it is a bit late, hehe ….

  10. Before posters say ‘but US-Turkey cooperate in Syria’ I say the following:
    The US intervention in Syria has been sporadic (just ask the FSA in northern Aleppo province how regularly they assist them against Daeesh). Furthermore Turkey has different geopolitical aims (e.g. Turkey doesn’t mind the Muslim Brotherhood ruling Damascus US does, US doesn’t mind a Kurdish state in northern Syria but Turkey does, Turkey doesn’t mind using Salaafists to attack Assad the US does, US doesn’t mind Russian airbases in northern Syria but Turkey does) in Syria then US.
    Finally can anyone honestly tell me that the CIA wouldn’t mind having a Turkish Sisi ruling Turkey? Are they familiar with Turkish modern history? Do they know how many CIA-backed coups happened in the past in Turkey? As far as the CIA would be concerned repression of muslim conservatives – like Sisi government is doing in Egypt – is more of an acceptable risk then a politically unstable Europe too divided to withstand collectively against an aggressive Russia. Turkey is one country, Europe is a whole continent with that calculus coup in Turkey is more acceptable then the Baltics being endangered by EU dithering because the European continent is wracked with a gargantuan refugee crisis that’s being exacerbated unscrupulously by an elected Turkish politician. As I’ve said above, the CIA have activated their Gladio-network in Turkey and the Gulenists are part of that network. This whole thing reeks of CIA involvement.

    • 100% correct with the premises there, K9.
      Furthermore, it is unthinkable that any Turkish Generals planning a coup would not first seek the requisite nod from Yankistan, otherwise they could very well wake up next morning after the ‘successful’ putsch to find themselves facing 27 invading NATO armies sworn to restoring constitutional legitimacy. Second, the fact that this action was not spotted coming by MIT internal counterintelligence indicates an external hand was supporting the putschists with a highly secure comms system over which to conduct plotting and synchronise their moves. Third, Kerry’s words from Moscow last night in the heat of the battle [calling for ‘stability’] was a hedging bet, as in Egypt, waiting to see if their filthy treachery would work out. An actual NATO ally not privvy to the plot would immediately have offered all political and indeed military support under Art.5 to the legitimate President. So, taken all together, there is only one real candidate, and Tayyip, being no fool, has already explicitly identified it … the Yankistani Pentagovernment.

    • Maybe many years ago the Turkish generals could act without a benediction.
      But in 2016, after so many things to be related with Erdogan, after 90% of westerners not being so
      enthusiast (not to say unhappy) …… there are only two countries being able to bless D.P,N.K. and U.S.
      And to add that such operation could be done without Kim or Obama knowledge……………. loooool!

        • So? You do know that the US doesn’t control Incirlik at all and only has about 1600 troops there, right? Assuming that’s even true because I haven’t seen a link or anything else that confirms that. The Turkish Air Force controls that base so it wouldn’t be surprising considering they were involved in the coup.

    • Turkey doesn’t mind using Salaafists to attack Assad the US does

      I beg to differ. The US is fine with Salaafists attacking Assad. It’s when the Salaafists turn around and bite US assets that the US complains

      • Actually the exact opposite is true. Assad and his foreign masters were fine with salafists attacking the US and Iraq until they predictably turned on them. That’s why Syria was the preferred route of salafists heading to Iraq during the Iraq war. Then when it came time to depose the butcher of Damascus they already had networks set up in Syria thanks to Syrian intelligence(oxymoron, I know). Talk about blowback. LOL.

        • Nouri Al Maliki when he was Iraqi Prime Minister even accused Syria directly in the UN of funding these groups.. Andre will deny though and say it never happened.. along with a bunch of the usual BS about America KSA and Israel being behind everything that makes dear leader Assad or Khomeini look bad

        • Helping the legitimate Iraqi Resistance repel the illegally invading Yanki OilThieves from Iraq can most reasonably be construed as a positive requirement of international law and in any case is hardly the same thing as ‘attacking the US’, Kevin, unless you want to rename the country Special-Snowflakeistan.

          • Love your logic. Only a socialist. SMH. When al qaeda attacks Americans they are “legitimate resistance”. When they attack a mass murdering tyrannical regime they become “terrorists”.

            • Not only Socialists think like this, Kevin … e.g. you might care to check out Article 51 of the UN Charter:
              Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of collective or individual self-defense if an armed attack occurs against a member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken the measures necessary to maintain international peace and security. Measures taken by members in exercise of this right of self-defense shall be immediately reported to the Security Council and shall not in any way affect the authority and responsibility of the Security Council under the present Charter to take at any time such action as it deems necessary in order to maintain or restore international peace and security.
              As the two major culprits had a veto there, the UNSC never acted to repel the oilthieving invaders from Iraq, therefore, upon the Yanki/Britzie warcriminal aggression and destruction of Iraq’s system of law under occupation, the legitimate powers of government naturally devolved to the National Resistance fighting to remove the warcriminal occupation forces by any means necessary, congruent with the natural right to individual and collective sovereign self-defence again outlined in United Nations General Assembly Resolution A/RES/33/24 of 29 November 1978, which:
              “2. Reaffirms the legitimacy of the struggle of peoples for independence, territorial integrity, national unity and liberation from colonial and foreign domination and foreign occupation by all available means, particularly armed struggle;
              And, as ‘by all available means’ includes taking as allies whomsoever they can muster to aid their just cause [whether the governments of Syria and Iran, or even AQ], all your cries of ‘terrorism’ against the Yanki warcriminals in Iraq are just so many wasted crocodile tears under the bridge, mon ami.
              You really must learn to blame the actual culprits [located within your chain of command] who created that unjust war of aggression out of thin air and lies, instead of its victims for bravely defending against them.

              • Self defense? LMAO. Is that what they were doing when they cutting off heads and drilling holes into kneecaps? You have a very screwed up definition of self defense. Your double standards regarding Iraq and Syria are just priceless. I suppose the Syrians aren’t entitled to self defense from invaders from Russia, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Not to mention the bloodthirsty tyrannical regime. Those guys are all “terrorists”. Just priceless. Completely blinded by anti-Americanism.

  11. Aykan Erdemir ‏@aykan_erdemir
    Aykan Erdemir Retweeted 140journos
    #BREAKING – #Turkish Minister @suleymansoylu announced on @HaberturkTV that #UnitedStates is behind the coup attempt
    Here is the footage of Turkish minister @suleymansoylu saying “The instigator of this coup is United States.” @ 3:58
    #Turkish minister @suleymansoylu adds: “Behind the terror in [Turkey’s] southeast, & troubles in #Syria & #Iraq is USA’s ambitions & plans.”

  12. Turkish private news agency says there were 2 tanker planes took off from Incirlik Airbase yesterday to refuel Putchists aircrafts

    Are these tanker planes the property of Turkey ? or they could be no matter what country property but operated by NATO?

  13. It looks that US (under Obama’s rule) was not able even to orchestrate a coup d’etat!
    Thus, only wishful thinking again!

    • BREAKING: John Kerry says accusations that the US is behind failed coup in Turkey harm US-Turkish bilateral relations

      • LOL, classic non-denial ‘denial’ … in other comic relief headlines, it seems Yankistan has officially offered to ‘help’ Turkey investigate who was responsible … which will have induced grim mirth then a holy oath in the White Palace, “By Allah’s molars, we’ll show these bloody bastards where they can stick their ‘help’!
        In any case it’s clear loyal Turks now have a new Superhero: it will henceforth be safe [and very soon mandatory] to finally unhook Atatürk’s dusty old mien from the wall and replace it with the living portrait of Sunni Saint Tayyip, Friend of the Fatherless, Fountain of Happiness, Crusher of Sedition, Kurds and the Aspirations of Yanki Snakes.

        • Keep reaching. You’re basically slinging mud against the wall hoping something sticks out of desperation. You have absolutely nothing of substance.

          • Refute the logic of my deductions with better reasoning if you can, Kevin, but just repeatedly crying ‘mud & desperation’ will not cut the mustard, mon ami.

            • If there was any credible logic or evidence, I might refute it. But I’ve yet to see any. Just a bunch of BS.

        • Addendum: Tayyip is not only a magnificent and heroic statesman tested under the fire of a battle brought by traitors within the keep, but has also proven to have the gift of prophesy — here’s part of the poem for which he was jailed in 1999 …
          The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.
          … the recent fulfilment of which amply proves that Allah’s blessing is upon him, hence shall these sacred words be inscribed in the new National Anthem, as Preamble to a rejigged Constitution and in the heart of every True Turk, forever.

  14. Gen. Wesley Clark on CNN said: the coup plotters made “a lot of mistakes—not arresting the president, not shutting off the internet…”
    Former CIA officer Robert Bear on CNN, criticizing coup plotters: “I’ve been involved in coups before”
    Another retired general on CNN: “Unless you’re willing to fire it, that tank is not really useful in making your point” #Turkey
    It looks as : we were not us;if we were us it was a successful coup.
    Is interesting,rumors about Erdogan’s run were disseminated by some officials(under anonymity). Smb. considered that Erdogan will flee…Germany,Qatar…If he did so,he was out completely by now..

  15. Josh Rogin ‏@joshrogin 23h23 hours ago

    Hillary Clinton statement calls for “support for the democratically elected civilian government” in Turkey.
    (but still ,it was after Kerry , and Kerry was after the 1army General Dundar declared support for Erdogan)
    It was very good and nice to be immediately after Erdogan entered on social media.

  16. NBC reporting that President Erdogan’s asylum request has been rejected by the Germans, he is thought to be flying to London (more than 24 h ago)
    i24NEWS English Verified account@i24NEWS_EN
    #BREAKING: US officials tell NBC News that Turkish President Erdogan is reportedly seeking asylum in Germany.
    Russian Embassy, UK Verified account @RussianEmbassy
    Somebody wanted Erdogan gone ; Russia did not believe too much in the plot….. indifferent?

    • …..just see Washington post, guardian, bbc, nyt stories on coup and u can feel their pain at it’s failure.
      But Turkey’s constitution SHOULD stay secular and Turkey SHOULD apologize for Armenian genocide
      (after a long ,long delay it is only a problem of honor and money; what it was it was……….. Germany made apologize bc. of Hitler, Japan regarding the massacre in China …….. )

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