Syria Daily, Nov 28: Russia and Turkey Throw Political Jabs at Each Other


PHOTO: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan: “Russia Should Not Play With Fire” (AA)



Propaganda Feature: Russia’s Embassy & the Anti-Turkish Poster from 1915

Russia and Turkey threw political jabs at each other on Friday over Syria’s conflict, with Ankara’s offer of talks met by Moscow’s allegations of Turkish support of the Islamic State.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan struck a tough pose while holding out the offer of talks to reduce tensions over Ankara’s shootdown of a Russian warplane last Tuesday. Speaking to an audience in northern Turkey, he initially accused the Russians of provoking a crisis:

[Russian President Vladimir] Putin says ‘those who have double standards on terrorism are playing with fire.’ I totally agree with him….

Supporting the [Bashar] al-Assad regime in Syria, which has killed 380,000 people, is playing with fire. Striking opposition groups that have international legitimacy with the excuse of fighting against Daesh [an acronym of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, ISIL] is playing with fire. Using an incident in which Turkey’s righteousness is accepted by the whole world as an excuse to torment our citizens who were in Russia to attend a fair is playing with fire. Irresponsibly hitting trucks in the region that are there for trade or humanitarian reasons is playing with fire. We sincerely advise Russia not to play with fire.

However, Erdoğan then expressed his willingness to meet Putin during an upcoming climate change summit in Paris to find common ground and avoid a further escalation of tension: “We are uncomfortable with efforts to take the dispute over the downed jet into other areas of relations. Let’s not allow that to happen.”

The Kremlin responded by rejecting the suggestion of a meeting. It said that Putin — who had spurred Erdoğan’s comment by accused Turkey of trading for the Islamic State’s oil — has refused the Turkish President’s phone calls since the downing of the Russian Su-24 because he is waiting for an apology.

Turkish officials have repeatedly refused to make that apology, saying the Russian warplane was fired upon while in Turkey’s airspace.

Russia Maintains Pressure

While Erdoğan and Putin fenced with each other, Moscow combined new proposals with accusations of Turkish collusion with the Islamic State.

After a meeting with his Syrian counterpart, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov promoted an initiative to block the Turkish-border, first suggested by French President Francois Hollande during a visit to Moscow earlier this week:

We actively support that. We are open for coordination of practical steps, certainly, in interaction with the Syrian government. We are convinced that by blocking the border we will in many respects solve the tasks to eradicate terrorism on Syrian soil.

While Hollande’s suggestion was aimed at cutting off movement of Islamic State fighters and resources, Russia is likely to see the step as an effective measure against the rebels challenging the Assad regime.

Since Wednesday, Russian has stepped up airstrikes on and near border crossings between Turkey and opposition-controlled territory in northwest Syria, hitting Turkish trucks, infrastructure, and civilian areas.

See Syria Daily, Nov 26: Russia Hits Back With Bombing of Civilian Targets & Turkish Aid Trucks

However, Lavrov kept the focus on Turkey and the Islamic State with allegations of their cooperation:

We think it highly cynical when some of the countries speak about their commitment to the corresponding United Nations Security Council resolutions and declare themselves members of anti-terrorist coalitions but in reality are playing a game where terrorists are allocated the role of secret allies. We have more and more questions about Ankara’s real plans and the degree of its readiness to exterminate terrorism, in particular in Syria, and its commitment to the normalization of the situation in Syria.

The Foreign Minister was blatant in his attempt to split the US and European states from the Turks: “It is up to our partners, including those who are members of the coalition formed last year by the United States, which has yielded no visible results as of yet.”

Russian media and the Syrian Foreign Minister, Walid al-Moallem, backed Lavrov’s effort with the claim that President Erdoğan’s son, Bilal, may be involved in the oil trade with ISIS.

Moallem said, “I’d like to mention rumors that Erdogan’s son could be involved in illegal oil trade with the IS, although there is no proof. If I was in [US Secretary of State John] Kerry’s place, I’d make an attempt to shed light on these reports.”

Lavrov propped up the allegation, “There have been many reports that god knows who is living off the oil wells illegally seized by the Islamic State.”

Moscow: Turkish Jets Entered Syrian Airspace to Down Our Jet

The Russian military tried a new line on Friday over the downing of its Su-24 strike aircraft, insisting that a Turkish F-16 jet entered Syrian territory to fire its missile.

The commander-in-chief of the Russian Aerospace Forces, Viktor Bondarev, said the F-16 went two km (1.25 miles) inside Syria, remaining in Syrian airspace for 40 seconds.

Bondarev declared the Russian Su-24 never crossed the border into Turkish airspace.

Ankara has maintained since Tuesday that it sent 10 warnings in five minutes to two Su-24s as they approached Turkish airspace. They say that the downed warplane was over Turkish territory for 17 seconds.

In the latest breaking of links with Ankara, the Russian military said that it is suspending participation in the Black Sea Force’s multilateral naval drills.

Videos and Photos: More Russia Airstrikes on Aid Trucks & Civilians on Turkish-Syrian Border

Activists post photographs of the latest Russian airstrikes on aid trucks near the Turkish-Syrian border:

Russia also struck infrastructure and civilian areas across Idlib Province, including an ambulance, and a Red Cross water well and wheat storage facility. There are claims of multiple casualties, including 11 members of a family, from Russian attacks on Binnish in Idlib Province.

The attack on the water well and wheat storage facility in Maarat al-Nu’man:

Russia has stepped up attacks on trucks, border crossings, and infrastructure in Aleppo and Idlib Province since Tuesday’s downing of a Russian Su-24 strike aircraft by Turkish jets.

Video: Kafranbel Protest Sends Messages to Russia, Assad, & US

The protesters of Kafranbel in northwest Syria challenge the Russian military intervention and Assad regime, and send a message to the US:

Rebel Clashes Escalate with Dissident Faction and Kurds in Northern Syria

This week’s clashes between rebels, a dissident faction, and Kurds escalated further in northwest Syria on Friday.

The Free Syrian Army has accused the Jaish al-Thuwar faction, led by dissident commander Jamal Maarouf, of killing civilians in the village of Tanab in northern Aleppo Province. The FSA said the 20 victims included women and children.

The FSA declared Jaish al-Thuwar was a “traitor and collaborator”, having accused the group of allying with Kurdish militia who have begun attacking rebels.

Maarouf was the commander of the Syrian Revolutionary Front, which fell out with other rebel factions in late 2014 and was driven out of Syria in a battle with the Islamist faction Jabhat al-Nusra.

See also Syria Feature: Kurds Clash With Rebels in North

Meanwhile, the leading rebel faction Ahrar al-Sham has declared the Sheikh Maqsoud area of Aleppo city a “military zone” amid clashes with Kurdish militia.

Fighting erupted this week between rebels, Jaish al-Thuwar, and the Kurdish units in the area near Kurdish-held Afrin and opposition-controlled Atmeh and Azaz in northwest Syria near the Turkish border.

Video: Jabhat al-Nusra Drone Footage of Advance South of Aleppo

High-resolution footage from the Islamist faction Jabhat al-Nusra of their advance against the Syrian military and foreign allies in Tel Bajer, south of Aleppo city:

Opposition Coalition Forms New Military Council

The externally-based opposition Syrian National Coalition has formed a new military council that includes representatives of rebel factions.

The Coalition said in an announcement that the council was established after meetings in Istanbul on Monday and Tuesday with rebel groups including Jaish al-Islam, prominent in the Damascus suburbs. The 44 members will hold their first meeting within a week.

The development comes as Saudi Arabia is trying to organize a conference in Riyadh among opposition and rebel groups. The Saudis are seeking a unified front amid international discussions about a political transition, including opposition-regime meetings.

A local source observes that, despite the Coalition’s projection of its leadership, “Groups operating within syria have the say….Rebels have Coalition in the boat not the other way round.”

The source adds that the proposed bloc is still “fragile” with some factions, including Free Syrian Army units, still to accept the council.

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    • It was always a fantasy that we could arm doctors, farmers and pharmacists with light or even advanced arms to defeat a well-armed Syrian state backed by Russia, Iran and battle-hardened Hezbollah … that was never in the cards.

      This warcriminal goon is now so wise, after having ceaselessly fomented the fratricidal butchery for the past 5 years.

      We remain the one indispensable nation.” — LOL, GTFO!

      • This real warcriminals …………………………..

        are you surpporting Terrorist iranian Hizbollah, the Iraqi Shiite Muqtada al-Sadr movement including Islamists send by Assad to Iraq which leads directly to the growing of Daesh we watch today.

        The Mahdi Army—a Shia militia created in the summer of 2003 by Muqtada al-Sadr—began to fight Coalition forces in April 2004.

        At 2004 Sunni and Shia militants were fighting against each other and against the new Iraqi Interim Government installed June 2004, and against Coalition forces, as well as the First Battle of Fallujah in April and Second Battle of Fallujah in November.

        Sunni militia Jama’at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad became Al-Qaeda in Iraq in October 2004 and targeted Coalition forces as well as civilians, mainly Shia Muslims, further exacerbating ethnic tensions.

        • The only terrorists in Iraq were the warcriminal Yanki invaders and they had powerful motivation to exacerbate ethnic/sectarian tensions in their desperate efforts to divide and conquer the heroic Iraqi Resistance.

          However, after their defeat in and expulsion from Iraq, the Yanki sore losers vengefully doubled down on inciting an intra-islamic sectarian civil war, hoping to get the Sauds and Iranians into a war which, as in the 80’s with Iran-Iraq, they’d be happy to see both sides lose.

          • On September 2007, Radio Farda reported Jafari (Commander of IRGC) has extensive fighting experience and reportedly close relations with the commanders of the former Badr force of the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq.

            The Bloodshed that followed after the defeat of Saddam Hussein was created by Iranian shiite Pasdaran and by shiite Badr forces. Both forces had triggered the sectarian side of the Iraqi civil war killing 10.000s of Iraqis. This events have made peace until today unpossible and this islamist infighting Iran had started at Iraq is lasting until today.

          • Who paved the way for these forces and benevolently turned a blind eye as it was happening under their command, Gunny?

            From El Salvador to Iraq: Washington’s man behind brutal police squads

            In 2004, with the war in Iraq going from bad to worse, the US drafted in a veteran of Central America’s dirty wars to help set up a new force to fight the insurgency. The result: secret detention centres, torture and a spiral into sectarian carnage

            how the US funded a deadly sectarian paramilitary force to fight those threatening the American presence


  1. Insane video (2nd part of what was posted yesterday) from JAN during the storming of Tell Bajer . The single tank charge at the end the panic, chaos ignites another new marathon for the IRGC/SAA. Priceless…….

        • although i would advise JAN to use better tank drivers since at the end of video the charging tank nearly looses its main cannon on a side building…. :)

          • I’d love to see the ANNA bloopers and outtakes reel. Must be a lot of bumping your main gun into masonry in all that close quarter urban combat. Not to mention friendly fire incidents. I wonder what percentage of casualties are caused by that? I’ve certainly seen enough clips of AK-firing-next-to-your-buddy’s-ear induced deafness. Also one of a rebel getting his brain jellied by an RPG backblast. And those Chinese ATGMs that blow the launch tube backwards must occasionally create some inconvenience.

  2. Update:

    #National: Another IRGC officer dead “IRG Brigadier killed in Aleppo : Abdel Rida Mujiri” – yallasouryia

    #Aleppo: 1) “Rebels retake Malikiya & Tanab.” -archicivlians

    Who/rebels discover that.

    2) “20+ residents of Tanab village found dead after #YPG & allies retreated” – Markito0171

    So the YPG are also engaging in atrocities? But I thought they were the saints that were fighting Daeesh? I bet the Turks are telling the CIA a good ‘I told you’.

    3) “rebels gain control of the village of Maryouda” – yallasouriya

    #Latakia: 1) “Russian soldiers fighting for Assad regime probably in Turkman and Akrad Mounts ” – northern stork

    If Ahrar or FSA Turkmen capture even 3 or 4 Russian soldiers and parade them on a camera not only would do the Russians double down (ie escalate) militarily to save face/prestige you can be assured the Turks will escalate things – through not as much as the Russians – also by providing even more sophisticated weaponry to the Turkmen factions of the FSA. As one writer I’ve read somewhere claimed the FSA Turkmen in Latakia are as a good as Erdogan’s men and of all the FSA groups they (ie Turkmen FSA) it is the most heavily vetted group by the CIA ergo they/FSA Turkman won’t have a problem (e.g. IF the CIA lifts the MANPADs embargo it will be they who will get it first) getting the weaponry they ask for.

    2) “Rebels took mountain east of Nab’ al-Murr” – Markito0171

    I wonder if the above two are inter-connected?

    #Damascus: 1) “Rebels kill 6 Assad forces & repel them in Burj” – Malcolmite


    2) “Damascus rif, rebels gain control of important points in Al Marj – East Al Ghota.” – yallasouriya

    #Qalamoun: “a missile was shelled on Halesh post in the western mountain of Zabadani, beleived to be from a israeli AC” – yallasouriya

    These Israeli raids have been going on in Qalamoun for some time now.

  3. Raqqa

    According reports Daesh is putting more barriers against fleeing of it`s own people.
    One Daesh Emir in charge of the finance, is attempting to flee with 10 others.

    • Do you even look at your conterary messaging !! From one side Russia is not doing anything against ISIS and from the other side they are fleeing the sinking ship like rats !!!

      I’m sure you will still find some BS to claim the Russian involvement in Syria has nothing to do with it loool :-)

      • Can`t see any russian engagement at Syria fighting Daesh except some exceptions. Attacks against are obviously unknown to you, too. – Otherwise you would have given some info.

        Thank you for your approval that Russia is going in tandem with daesh.

        • Good that the Russian bombing or non bombings as u call it are so effective that ISIS folks are running wit their tails between their legs.

          And incase you missed the memo Russia has been bombing not only ISIS but also their lievlyhood. Oil fields and trucks. Something the west has failed to do for so long now 😉

          • Isis running with their tales between their legs?? In which movie you saw this afshin? Not for sure in the one were ruaf is mainly back in killing civilians 60/70 a time like the old beloved Saaf. You back hard on commie propaganda whats happened? Lack of results? Too many setbacks?

  4. To K-9:

    RE: If Ahrar or FSA Turkmen capture even 3 or 4 Russian soldiers and parade them on a camera not only would do the Russians double down (ie escalate) militarily to save face/prestige

    That is likely to happen. However, a far more effective strategy for the rebels would be to strike Russia on hits home ground with multiple Paris types attack in various cities. In other words, doing exactly to Russia and Russian civilians what they do to rebels and cheer about. The FSA won’t do so, but JAN or AL Queda might. I’m not sure what ISIS would do.

    A people with the mentality of schoolyard bullies (which Russians have in spades) will only have their appetite whetted if allowed to consistently commit atrocities with no fear for themselves. For Russians, bombing Sunnis or Ukrainians or toruring them is like a sadiistic teenager setting cats afire and laughing about it. They would NOT do it if it endangered themselves, They do it because they can and regard it as a treat.

    Rebels must take off the kid glove. You can fight an eye-gouging, groing kicker by sticking to Marquis of Queensbury rules or you will continue to suffer more of the same and lose in the end. There is simply no alternative in such situations. It’s easy for someone who isn’t being targeted by Genocide forces to sit and lecture victims to resp[ond that way.

    If Russia fights dirty, they must be hit on their own ground an know it isn’t a kitten they are fighting. Strike at home and Putin will get the blame. I’ll bet it would stop him. If not repeated “Return to Sender” days will eventually have that effect. In any case, Russia will think twice about starting new Genocide Wars on Sunnis in other countries.

    IF Russian troops are captured, Syrian rebels might want to use them as human shields, inserting the captive Russians in random. humanitarian OR supply convoys, since the Russian invaders have no business being in Syria. If such a truck is hit by a Russian Orthodox crusader aircraft, the rebels must draw public attention to it immediately.

    If Russians want their civilians treated humanely, they should treat Ukrainians humanely. They should also stop backing the Genocide regime and the Shia crusade in Syria.

    • Duuuuude. Slaughtering civilians as political pawns was the original issue that set off this cascade of atrocities. I don’t think murdering Russian civilians is going to substantially de-escalate things. If I wasn’t pretty sure that you were either working with or being monitored by American intelligence/law enforcement, I’d tag you as a jihadist extremist. The fact that you’re not Muslim matters little. But, given what we know about NSA etc, I’d say it’s a certainly you’re on somebody’s radar. Definitely don’t take any vacations to Russia.
      I’m not trying to censor or intimidate you. I’m just making the observation that these days saying things like ” strike Russia on hits home ground with multiple Paris types attack in various cities” is definitely going to get you noticed and might have consequences. And I say this as someone who is fundamentally sympathetic to your politics, if not your strategy.

      • Aren’t odds greater that a boomerang response to terrorism will be far more effective than crying “Stop that!” Didn’t the rebels and the West do so for more than four years? What good did it do? Failure to respond in kind does invite more genocidal treatment. I’ve read that even in prison a person who refuses to fight back winds up being picked on. It’s an proven phenomenon seen on playgrounds as well.

        I hate ISIS and AL Queda. I’d rather folks not get radicalized. Nor do I radicalize Sunnis or turn them into extremists. It’s clear who and what does. Put the blame where it belongs.

        The First Amendment has not been repealed…yet. I can take strong positions that offend some. Arguing that a bully can only be stopped by fighting back is no crime..yet. Ditto for drawing attention to the specific horrors carried out by Putin & Co. in Syria. It is the crimes that radicalize, not pointing them out. Concluding that there is only one way to stop them is no crime either…yet. Has the alternative worked? No! Is there any prospect of it working? No!One thing is certain: the West won’t help. It’s even considering throwing in with Assad and Putin and thereby making their crimes pay.

        The Russian Orthodox-Alawite-Shia Genocide crusade against Sunnis will continue unless stopped by Sunnis. The outside world can’t be trusted as is of no help except for Sunni states.

        If I point out the high probability of a counter-crusade against Russia and its potential vulnerability I point out what is likely, not create it. I also don’t blame the victims for doing so. So what?

        Should we pass and enforce laws against ridiculing a President or his policies? Should all of Putin’s political opponents and all critical Russian journalists shut their mouths. If they don’t and suffer beatings, long jail sentences, a dose of ricin or polonium) is it their own fault? They had a choice too, after all. .Did they make the wrong one? Someone has to stand up aginst tyranny since our president surely hasn’t.

        When did America become so craven? Must I keep an eye on the RV next to me as we move along. Next week: Tucson, followed by somewhere in the Rio Grande and various locations in the Texas Hill country. I don’t even decide beforehand what route to take back come spring:South Dakota, Boulder to Durango? Sante Fe, Albuquerque, Monument Valley?

        • You completely fail to take my points.
          The first amendment is still in effect. Does it protect your increments to violence? Not a question I’m totally qualified to answer, but it needs asking.

          I am all about standing up to bullies. I fully believe that defensive force is a valid and necessary response to violence. But you’re just advocating more violence. I just don’t believe that killing “their” civilians is anything other than more bullying.

          I hate Russia (not Russians per se,) Putin and Assad are dicks who need to be deposed by any means necessary, etc., but the blood of women and children running through the gutters of Moscow will not ever make the world a happier and more just place.

          And I’m not reporting you to anybody. I’m reporting to you that you’re raising red flags all over the place and should at least be aware of that.

    • RT,

      As someone who lives in a country where many such “effective strategies”, that you suggest, are taking place almost daily, I can tell you it is totally useless. Not only it will NOT make Russians change their ways, it will strengthen their resolve. Look at the Israelis.

      • Your analogy does not quite fit because of several variables. Because Israelis have no place to go, terror attacks strengthen their resolve. They see themselves as fighting on their own territory (a claim open to dispute) with backs to the wall and death or annihilation as the only alternatives. Thus the reaction you describe is both ineviable and predictable.

        The difference is that Russians are not fighting on defense in either Syria or the Ukraine, though Putin likes to pretend otherwise. The Russians are on offense against people who did nothing to them and would have no motive to do so now otherwise. . Putin entered into a voluntary and avoidable conflict for domestic political reasons as Russians will come to realize should a boomerang occur. Its avoidability and prime cause will be obvious.

        Fighting terror at home won’t be easy but they’ll do it. When they turn on Putin, thanks to such a counter crusade provoked not just by his invasions but the brutal methods employed, Russians will ignore their own role in cheering him on and how it led to a domestic Tet.

      • Why would I recruit for ISIS who I hate as I’ve stated repeatedly. Do I ever root for ISIS. Admitted yes in special cases–when fighting the regimes carrying out Genocide in Syria.

        I have argued that victims of genocide are entitled to strike tit-for tat against their tormentors, can’t blame them a bit probably would do the same in their shoes. That’s not recruitment either. I’ve urged NO Americans to join ISIS or Al Queda who I also despise EXCEPT when fighting even worse (Assad, Iran, Russia, Hezbollah).

        I also do call the Russian Orthodox-Shia Crusade for genocide and domination over Sunnis exactly what it is. Stating a fact is not recruitment nor is opposing genocide. Nor is pointing out that polls show Russians overwhelming support Putin’s crimes against civilians. Don’t do the crimes if you don’t like the blame.

        • By “stating a fact” you plunged headlong into delusion. I doubt one in a hundred Russians thinks of what’s happening as a crusade against Sunnis. Orthodox window dressing notwithstanding, of all the things this war is about, an Orthodox crusade against Sunnis is about as low on the list as Chechens’ love for hummus and kebabs, although it would certainly suit your purposes.

          • Another one of RT’s favourite ‘facts’ is that there is a sectarian genocide of Sunnis being perpetrated in Syria.

            Conveniently, he never provides his definition of the word nor explains why a large number of Sunnis on the government side are apparently complicit in this alleged crime.

      • Why would I recruit for the regime’s creation and long time tool until it turned on the latter?

        Even at present, the regime and ISIS often team up against the rebels. The latter are who I support and the Syrian people. Screw ISIS and Al Queda.


    FSA’s 2nd Coastal Division (Turkmens) retook Zahiya Mount again.–archicivilians


    Also, Russian airstrikes continue to target aid trucks in #Syria. 13 trucks destroyed in al-Dana near Bab al-Hawa today

    Idlib rif, RUAF destroyed a wheat depot and a drinking water well

    RUssian Orthodox bombs in Idlib, Hama and Aleppo got lots of Sunni kids today.

    There must be thousands of schools, bakeries, restaurants, clubs and music venues in Russia. Only when Russians start getting a dose of their own will they start behaving. Why is it so hard for some folks to grasp there is NO ALTERNATIVE. Not doing so merely guarantees more Russian barbarism in Syria, the Crimea, Chechnya, the Ukraine etc. ?

    Offering toasts to Putin, Russians civilians routinely chuckle over news of their Russian Orthodox-blessed air force or vodka swilling militias in the Ukraine slaughtering non-Russian civilians, especially Suinni women and children. and will continue to exult in their barbarism unless they suffer a dose of their own.


    Iranian media mourns the death of 7 pro-Assad Pakistani fighters w/ Zaynabiyoun Shia brigade (rebels say killed in Sheikh Miskin, Daraa)–SAMI The dead guys could have stayed in Pakistan and fought Taliban types who slaughter Shia civilians there. Instead they sold their lives for Iranian money and got what they deserved.


  6. Syria, Raqqa AC has been targeting the village of Maizila in the Nth of the town Raqqa, for 25 minutes, and report that 5 civilians have been injured.
    Source : Liwa Thuwar Raqqa

  7. The fascinating thing about the JAN.footage is how little killing actually happens in the course of that tank charge. Or did they sanitize it? I would have expected a few of those limber fellows running in front of the tank to drop. It just goes to illustrate that causing panic is a much bigger part of this kind of warfare than killing or incapacitating. And bless those runners. Even though by my book they’re on the wrong side, I hope they all get to see their grandchildren grow up in a peaceful and prosperous Iran. Or Iraq. Or Afganistan. Or even Syria. If those particular political boundaries even exist at that point.

    • The video of the aftermath did show a couple of corpses and a destroyed humvee.
      The tank charging forward would have had a very fun time with the Shi’ite militias if not for the hill, but note in the very end the artillery barrage on the field which the militiamen were running across. With luck it promoted a few to the rank of dish-washer.

  8. Syrian opposition forces on Friday retook the strategic hill of Jabal Zahia in the Turkmen Mountain area in the northern Latakia countryside, not far from the Turkish border.

    The opposition troops moved to occupy the hilltop a day after it was captured by regime forces under Russian air cover.

    The First Coastal Division of the Free Sryain Army, the largest rebel faction in the Latakia countryside, said Jabal Zahia had been “fully liberated” from regime forces and allied militias. –


    Rebels (mainly Ahrar eş Şam) has been recaptured 7 villages from YPG and allies. Now they are only 5 km far way–Hasan ÖZTÜRK This group of Kurds is viewed by some rebels as pro-Assad, determined to cut rebel supply lines and a source of supply for regime troops in Nubl and Zaraa.

    ANALYSIS – overrun the Azaz area but they can’t rule over the conservative and religious arab area from #Azaz to #Aleppo–Syrian Rebel Observatory.


    gov forces raided on Al Debagha in Hama city, 11 civilians arrested for conscription & taken to unknown destination–Syrian Network.


    –Graphic vid of children’s body parts pulled from rubble after Russian airstrikes on al-Soura in Daraa today.–Sami

    There are no ISIS forces in the area. As usual, the Russian Orthodox Air Force intentionally attacked Sunni children and adults as it targets rebels who fight ISIS. No ISIS around as Russians new Sunni children. You can hear one of the rescue workers mention “Russkies.”

    Sunnis worldwide know who is doing this and intentionally so. Will they seek revenge? Also, 4 victims including 2 girls and a woman died in a Russian Orthodox attack on Sunni civlivians in Khan Shaykun.


    al Qaeda’s relationship with Iran…..was far deeper……than U.S. intelligence assessments had suggested”

    • How is this guy different than russian chinese propaganda !!?

      Gunny must be frustrated, he wins hands down when it comes to the number of retarded posts but than RT comes along and delivers a gem from BS mountain and steals the show from good old Gunny again.

      That Russian Shia Orthodox Crusade thing never gets old haha

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