Iran: Supreme Leader Warns of US “Bullying” & Says Nuclear Activities to Continue


The Supreme Leader, addressing nuclear scientists on Iran Nuclear Technology Day, has said that research and development activities will slow down during the talks with the 5+1 Powers on a comprehensive deal.

The discussions, underway in Geneva, have considered whether Iran must cease work on the under-construction Arak heavy-water reactor, limit development and number of uranium enrichment centrifuges, and suspend the enrichment process at the Fordoo plant.

Khamenei warned that the US might continue to impose sanctions on Iran, even with the prospect of a nuclear agreement:

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  1. As usual. Iran wants sanctions relief, but offers nothing in return. A nuclear Iran would have grave implications for stability and non-proliferation in both the Middle East and the world. It is imperative that the United States and the international community prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, in order that the Middle East does not descend further into chaos and decades of progress on halting the spread of nuclear weapons is not undone.

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