Civilians in Gaza displaced by Israeli attacks (Reuters)

EA on WION News: US-Iran Confrontation Across Middle East — Ball Is In Tehran’s Court

EA on Al Jazeera’s Inside Story: Will Wars Spread? From Israel’s Mass Killing in Gaza to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

In a 65-minute special, I join John Bruni of the Australian think tank Sage to analyze the escalating conflict across the Middle East, beginning with Israel-Gaza and moving to Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.

The discussion begins with a deep dive into Israel’s “open-ended” military operations in Gaza, slaying almost 28,000 people, in response to Hamas’s cross-border mass killings on October 7.

Then I examine other confrontations between and inside countries, linked to but distinct from the Israel-Gaza catalyst. We discuss operations by Iran-backed groups, from the assault on Red Sea shipping by Yemen’s Houthis to militia attacks on US personnel in Iraq and Syria, and the reply by Washington and its partners.

I conclude by noting, after evaluating Iran and the Middle East on EA WorldView for more than 15 years, that there is no “winner” in the conflicts.

First and foremost, there is the loss of the millions of civilians killed, wounded, and displaced by leaders seeking to expand or cling to their power.