Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu (Getty/File)

EA-Times Radio Special: Invasion of Ukraine, Russia’s “Election”, and the Putin-Trump Threat

Iran’s Weakened Regime, Tough Talk, and the Killing of US Troops

I joined Al Jazeera English’s Inside Story on Tuesday to analyze wars; the threat to international order, security, and civilians; and leaders and groups who are breaking the “rules of the game”.

Cutting through the click-bait headline, “Could Today’s Global Conflicts Bring a Third World War Closer?”, I emphasize the need to learn about and understand individual if linked cases — such as the mass killings in Gaza and Israel; Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; and the deadly repression of protests in Syria from 2011.

Along the way, I knock back the simplistic line of activist Chris Hedges that all problems in the world are because of “US militarism”. And I discuss Beijing’s position, US-China relations, and UN reform with Huiyao Henry Wang, the former Counselor to the Chinese State Council.