A US Navy jet takes off from the USS Dwight D Eisenhower for strikes on positions of Houthi rebels in Yemen, February 3, 2024

EA on Al Jazeera’s Inside Story: Will Wars Spread? From Israel’s Mass Killing in Gaza to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Iran’s Weakened Regime, Tough Talk, and the Killing of US Troops

I joined India’s WION News on Sunday to analyze the state of US-Iran confrontation across the Middle East, following American retaliation over the killing and wounding of US troops by Iranian-linked militias.

I review overnight US and UK attacks on Yemen’s Houthi rebels, following 85 US strikes late Thursday on the militias in Syria and Iraq.

UPDATES: US Strikes 85 Iran-Linked Targets Across Iraq and Syria

Then I get to the heart of the issue: facing economic and social tensions at home, Iran’s regime has tried to talk and act tough, only to get punched in the nose. Will it risk further attacks on American personnel and on shipping in the Red Sea?