An Islamic State attack killed at least 53 people in central Syria on Friday.

Assad regime outlets said, “Fifty-three citizens who were truffle hunting were killed during an attack by the terrorists of IS to the south-west of the town of al-Sukhna.”

The director of the main hospital in the city of Palmyra, Walid Audi, said 46 civilians and seven troops had been slain.

ISIS has not claimed responsibility for the attack.

An ambush last Saturday reported killed 16 people, mainly civilians, in the same area. Dozens were kidnapped, with 25 later released but the fate of others unknown.

The Islamic State, which once held much of northern and central Syria, was pushed out of its last village — Baghouz in eastern Syria near the Iraq border — in March 2019.

However, ISIS cells have continued to operate, periodically attacking Assad regime forces.

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