Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman faces pro-Trump attackers at the US Capitol, January 6, 2021. Goodman led the mob away from the Senate chamber where legislators were hiding (New York Times)

The Justice Department releases a three-hour video of the attack by Trumpists on the US Capitol on January 6, with the invaders brandishing weapons and attacking police officers.

The security camera video, with no audio, begins with the retreat of officers who stumble inside the building and wash chemical spray out of their eyes. The Trumpists move in behind them, coordinating efforts to attack. They swing fists and poles, punching and kicking at the officers, and using pepper spray.

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The attackers pull out Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone, tasing him in the neck, beating him with a flagpole, and screaming “Kill him with his own gun” as he falls unconscious.

Police push the Trumpists to the edge of a tunnel entrance more than 30 minutes into the attack, but a second assault soon begins. standoff with police, the rioters began a second attack on the line of officers.

Two officers move into the crowd to help QAnon supporter Rosanne Boyland, who is on the ground dying from an accidental overdose. But they are knocked down and beaten with a flagpole and other weapons, injuring one officer in the head and the other in the face and shoulder.

Two of the attackers in the footge have been convicted and sentenced. Devlyn Thompson, who admitted throwing a speaker at police officers and hitting an officer in the hand with a baton, will serve almost four years. Robert Palmer, who used a fire extinguisher, a wooden plank, and a pole to attack police, has been given a term of more than five years.