President Joe Biden speaks about his infrastructure plan, Kearny, New Jersey, October 25, 2021 (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

I joined Monocle 24’s Emma Nelson on Monday to analyze President Joe Biden’s decision to run for a second term.

Listen from 18:14:

We discuss the reasons for Biden’s shift, after he had said he would be a “transitional” President. They include the passage of the $1.2 trillon infrastructure legislation, the prospect of a historic social-environmental budget, and the fundamental that once you have power, it’s hard to let go.

You can disagree with Joe Biden’s policies. You can disagree, for example, with what happened in Afghanistan with the withdrawal. You can dispute what he’s trying to do domestically.

But this is a man who is presiding over the most ambitious domestic program in US history since probably the 1930s.

We also consider the effect on Vice President Kamala Harris, who was seen as Biden’s heir apparent, the Democrats, and, most importantly, the US. And we glance at the status of Donald Trump and the Republicans ahead of the 2022 Congressional mid-terms and the 2024 Presidential contest.