Israel has again attacked pro-Assad positions near Syria’s capital Damascus.

The Assad regime’s military acknowledged the strikes at 1:26 a.m. on Friday, with the Israeli jets firing from Lebanese airspace. The military issued its standard line that most of the missiles had been downed, saying there was only material damage and no casualties.

Unconfirmed claims said weapons development centers, used by Iran-backed militias, were targeted.

Israeli media reported an explosion over the Mediterranean from an errant Syrian anti-air missile which flew over Israel. The blast was heard in central Israel, but the Israeli military did not sound warning sirens, adhering to a policy of not triggering an alarm for a rocket flying towards an unpopulated area.

No injuries or damage was reported in Israel.

On August 19, Israeli warplanes struck near Damascus and Homs, soon after attacks on an Assad regime army base and a Hezbollah outpost in the Golan Heights in southwest Syria.

Israel has carried out hundreds of airstrikes against regime, Hezbollah, and Iranian targets since the Syrian uprising began in 2011. The aerial assault has escalated since April, amid a change in the Israeli Government from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the current leader Naftali Bennett.