How can we pursue a productive, progressive politics — and keep spirits high while doing it?

World Unfiltered turns to novelist and political writer Ece Temelkuran, author of Together: 10 Choices for a Better Now and How to Lose A Country: The Steps from Democracy to Dictatorship.

We discuss her work, language, activism, and politics from her native country Turkey through the rest of the world.

3:46 What does “Faith Over Hope” mean?

7:55 What role do different types of storytelling have in Faith Over Hope and politics?

11:34 What is distinctive about the discourse that you are seeking?

14:08 How do you bring forth dignity against a counter-message from leaders of “nationalism” and pride?

16:15 Are you looking to be part of the creation of a new political, social, and cultural movement?

19:31 How do ensure that this movement does not fall into the trap that creation of other movements has led to authoritarianism?

21:57 Was there anything in the Turkish “political experiment” of the past 20 years that had value?

24:55 Where was the “power of the lie” in Turkey?

27:50 Do you believe in optimism v. pessimism?

29:44 Where do you see possibility today — in countries or in people across countries?

32:53 Has the pandemic accelerated this possibility?

33:47 Is there a space for pragmatism as part of your new politics?

36:32 How do we guard against the regressive scapegoating of the “other” such as the migrant or refugee?

41.00 When you are tired and wonder if this is worth it, in what book or piece of music do you find sanctuary?