Joe Biden at RAF Mildenhall, Suffolk, England, June 9, 2021 (Patrick Semansky/AP)


I also spoke with Austria’s Radio FM4 on Thursday about the prospects for the G7 summit and Joe Biden’s tour of Europe.

We discuss the Coronavirus pandemic, including Biden’s pledge of 500 million vaccine doses for other countries; the Iran nuclear talks; the position vis-à-vis China over its economic and political initiatives; and the line against an aggressive Russia.

Listen to Discussion at 12:46


I joined the Financial Times’ George Parker and Monocle 24’s Emma Nelson on Thursday to evaluate the dynamics of the US-UK relationship, including that between President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as the G7 opens in southwest England on Thursday.

I offer the view from the US perspective, seeing a weakened UK after Brexit and the Johnson Government’s wayward actions, within the context of regional and global issues from the Coronavirus pandemic to climate change. Parker brings in the London view, with a slightly more positive view of Johnson.

Listen from 1:53:

Here is the reality beyond Biden and Johnson. The UK on many international matters has isolated itself with Brexit. The UK is in a much weaker economic position and — despite the show that Johnson will make hosting the G7 summit — a much weaker position on international issues, including on long-standing relatonships with the US over security, intelligence, and diplomacy.

The US no longer looks at the UK as “first among equals”.