A march in Melbourne, Australia calling for action against climate change, May 21, 2021 (James Ross/AAP)

Amid the rise of far right movements — some of them calling themselves “populist” — what hope is there for liberal democracy?

For insight, World Unfiltered turns to Professor Cas Mudde of the University of Georgia, one of the world’s leading scholars and public intellectuals on political movements around the world.

After a twist in our opening questions, liften from Mudde’s podcast Radikaal — Which sporting team does he support? And his choice of political film and political song? — we get to the business at hand.

4:36 Is there a rise in far-right movements in Europe and elsewhere amid the Coronavirus pandemic?

5:47 Is there a limit in what voters will accept from far-right movements?

7:41 Is there “mainstreaming” by right-wing parties and Governments of far-right movements?

9:28 Can the European Left draw any lessons from Joe Biden’s victory?

11:19 Does competence in politics still matter?

12:31 Will there be a Trump legacy in the US and beyond?

17:19 Are progressives working with the “pragmatists” in the Democratic Party?

19:28 How do we explain a Dutch society with multiple far-right movements?

22:51 What are the political tactics we adopt in response to Belarus and generally to authoritarianism?

25:06 Can Europe be independent of the US and “grow up” when it shows ambivalence on issues like Belarus?

28:02 Do you have hope for civil society?

30:53 What does “radical” mean for you on a day-to-day basis?