So why did Donald Trump rail for almost a week about a “disgraceful” Coronavirus relief package, but then suddenly accept it?

I explain to Monocle 24’s Andrew Mueller on Monday about the combination of Trump’s ego and his look ahead to a 2024 campaign to reclaim the White House, even if this turns the established Republican Party into his immediate foe.

Listen from 1:16:

Trump Backs Down, Signs Coronavirus Relief and Government Funding Bill

This starts as the equivalent of when a child throws his toys around the room, except that the child wants to throw his toys around the room….

But Trump will say, “I defended you for [increased one-off payments. I defended you against the Chinese. I defended you against all the evils opposing me.”

Will it change matters in the short term? No. But when he runs in 2024, he’ll pull out the soundbite.