How far will an embittered Donald Trump, rejecting the US Constitution, system, and voters, go to defy his election loss to President-elect Joe Biden?

I spoke with Monocle 24 and BBC Radio London on Wednesday about the prospects, with Trump pursuing legal action in multiple states, pushing disinformation and conspiracy theories, blocking the transition, and wreaking vengeance on agencies such as the Pentagon.

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On January 20, Donald Trump becomes a squatter in the White House. He has no right to exercise executive power. He has no authority under the US Constitution.

I guess Joe Biden, who is a kind-hearted man, might allow Trump to sit in some corner and continue to rail. But Trump, as of January 20, disappears from politics — except for how long will Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Republican senators aid and abet Trump in his declaration that this election was stolen?

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My chat with Vanessa Feltz:

Far from distancing themselves from Trump, key officials and Republicans are digging in alongside him….

If you have a child throwing a tantrum and you try to explain the situation rationally, “This is not how things work,” the child doesn’t listen.

In this case, there’s a child in the White House but his parents — the Republicans — aren’t explaining. They are coddling and enabling him, helping him defy the system.

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