White Helmets civil defense try to extinguish a fire caused by bombing of a fuel market near Jarablus in northern Syria, October 23, 2020

A fuel market in northern Syria has been bombed, with pro-opposition activists pinning responsibility on Russia.

The market near Jarablus, near the Turkish border, was attacked on Friday night. The White Helmets civil defense reported casualties and a search for missing victims.

White Helmets official Ibrahim Abu al-Leith said there was one confirmed death and six injuries.

Opposition media and activists claim that the Russian military struck the refineries with three long-range missiles fired from the Hmeimim base in western Syria.

The Russian military has not commented on the attacks.

Last November, refineries in three villages near Jarablus were bombed, killing three people. A large part of the refineries was put out of service by the attacks.

The refineries started as primitive operations trying to supply the opposition area of northwest Syria, even as it was being bombed and besieged by pro-Assad forces. Mainly located in northern and eastern Aleppo Province, they have been developed as fuel stations under the control of the Turkish-supported Syrian National Army.