In a discussion with Radio Islam’s Ejaz Khan on Wednesday, I discussed the state of the “most important US election since 1945”, emphasizing the need to assess responsible v. the irresponsible, competence v. negligence — and even democracy v. the authoritarian.

The conversation starts with a review of Joe Biden’s lead in national and state swing polls, and the challenging task for Donald Trump to overturn it.

It takes a turn when the other panelist, Dr. Salvatore Babones of the University of Sydney, dismisses 2020 as an exceptionally important election. He then criticizes the attempt to critique Trump and Biden in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic, economic downturn, and racial and social issues.

My response:

We are not talking about “balance” here in one side v. other, we are talking about the current situation in the United States….

When you’re talking about a pandemic when — let’s be honest here — there has been criminal negligence, a pandemic which is threatening my parents, my friends, my other relatives, it is not the time for balance. When you’re talking about the greatest economic contraction in recorded US history, it is not the time for balance.

When you’re talking about the need for unity and responsibility, this is not the time for balance.

And concluding on a high note:

With all the division of the past few years, with all the efforts of the Trump camp to suppress the vote, people are making their voices heard.

The more we think of them in this election rather than that guy in the White House who used to be a reality TV star, that gives me some hope for the future after November 3.