I joined Times Radio’s Ayesha Hazarika in a 25-minute discussion on Saturday about the path to November’s Presidential election, from Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential pick to Donald Trump’s “scorched-earth politics” as he struggles for a second term.

Listen from 2:38.35

In the first half, the Washington Post’s Marc Fisher evaluates the Vice Presidential possibilities, and I broaden that to look at the wider issues such as the Coronavirus pandemic, the state of the US economy, and issues raised by Black Lives Matter marches.

We are then joined by supporters of Biden and Trump before I conclude with the significance of this election — and Donald Trump’s attempt to undermine it if he thinks he will lose.

This is bigger than Trump and Biden. This is about the most important US election since 1945: you’ve got the pandemic, the economic downturn, the vital social issues.

The pandemic’s not going away. The economy’s not going to upturn by November. So what you’ll see from the Trump campaign is scorched-earth politics.

It’s going to be the idea that America is being taken over by extremists and radicals. It’s going to be “Law and Order” tactics, even as Trump foments disorder, which make Richard Nixon look like a Jesuit priest. And it’s going to be “Blame China”, blame the rest of the world, blame immigrants, blame anyone.