In our latest 15-minute UK Week in Review, I joined talkRADIO’s Darryl Morris on Friday to discuss the Government’s ongoing mismanagement of the Coronavirus crisis — and its attempt to cover up the failures with “magic numbers”.

We start with the Government’s bungled attempt to increase the charge, for using the National Health Service, on immigrant NHS staff.

Then we put the latest “magic numbers”, with Boris Johnson’s declaration of 10,000 “trackers” of the virus, in the context of revelations of care home deaths and of inadequate testing and tracing systems.

We compare the UK Government’s lack of planning, under the “Stay Alert” slogan, with Thursday’s announcements from the Scottish and Northern Irish Governments of their next steps.

Listen from 4:45 in 0400-0430 Segment

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Boris Johnson is someone who loves putting out numbers that he may or may not achieve. This entire Government has carried forward that idea, but it’s not numbers that matter. It’s a coherent, organized system that matters.

That system for Coronavirus should have been in place in February or in March.