UK Government finally opens Coronavirus testing stations for NHS workers — but is it far too little, too late? (Getty)

In our latest 15-minute UK Week in Review, I had a full and frank chat with talkRADIO’s Darryl Morris about the Government’s response to Coronavirus.

I explain how the Government’s misguided “herd immunity” approach last month has led to the crisis over testing, making it impossible to map the virus and putting health workers at risk.

We discuss how Ministers are continuing to cover up the past failure, as they pledge to test 100,000 people per day, while the UK death toll rises sharply.

Listen from 19:48 in 0300-0330 Segment

I’m concerned and I’m angry this evening. This is a Government which may well have been negligent, and that is why we are seeing such a large increase in deaths, which will continue to escalate.

The Government’s failure to acknowledge its mistakes means you have a lack of trust. And if I can’t trust it, there are a whole lot of Coronavirus deniers who will say, “We don’t need social distancing, because who can believe in the guidelines?”

The World Health Organization head said that, without testing, we’re going into a fire blindfolded. And I feel like we’re going into the fire not only blindfolded but handcuffed and semi-conscious.