The Coronavirus message in Piccadilly Circus, London, April 2020 (Getty)

In our latest Week in Review, I chatted with talkRADIO’s Darryl Morris on Friday about political and social questions as the UK death toll from Coronavirus surges.

We discuss the challenges for the Government, after mishandling the crisis last month, on issues from medical services to social distancing; for the police in enforcing the social distancing orders; and for communities in trying to ensure that the sick and needy are protected and given care.

Listen from 12:01 in 0400-0430 Segment

At times when there hasn’t been that clear leadership from Number 10, and indeed from the Government, there has been so much which has been done at the community level.

That recognition that this is a collective effort is something we need to hold onto after we get out of this crisis.