I joined Monocle 24’s The Globalist on Monday to a 10-minute review of the Coronavirus week in the US, including Donald Trump’s recommendation of injecting disinfectant and — overshadowed by the latest disinformation — his retreat from efforts to overturn State stay-at-home orders.

We cut through Trump’s white noise, including his quickly-abandoned declaration that he would no longer appear at White House briefings, to explain why the lack of comprehensive testing still plagues any effort to contain the virus and lift restrictions.

Who do you keep your eye on? You watch the State governors. They’re the adults in the room while they fill the void left by the Federal Government.

Beyond this, continue to look for Trump to deflect and divert.

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EA on Monocle 24: US Coronavirus Review — “Disinfectant” Trump’s Reversal on Stay-at-Home Orders

Listen from 2:34: