Election workers wait for voters in a Coral Gables polling station during the Florida primary, March 17, 2020


Scott Lucas chatted with BBC World Service’s Dan Damon on Wednesday about Tuesday’s Democratic primaries, in which Joe Biden all but secured the Presidential nomination, and the possibilities for November’s general election.

Listen to Discussion from 15:56

I spoke with talkRADIO’s Mark Dolan and Kevin O’Sullivan on Tuesday about the intersection between Coronavirus and the US elections.

The discussion begins with consideration of whether Donald Trump could attempt to suspend the vote because of the virus, and continues with the skewed view of the outbreak because of the nature of American media, and looks at whether Trump will pay a political price — amid the far more important cost of many lives lost, in part because of a lack of preparedness.

Listen from 23:17 in 1400-1430 Segment

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