Donald Trump during his Iran speech, White House Grand Foyer, January 8, 2020, as Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley looks aside (Win McNamee/Getty)

I joined talkRADIO’s Eamonn Holmes and Jacquie Beltrao on Wednesday in a 45-minute special on Donald Trump’s speech on Iran.

Listen from 2:00 in 1600-1630 Segment

As we waited for Trump, I discussed how the Trump-Iran confrontation escalated, Iran’s missile attacks on two Iraqi bases with US personnel — “giving the Trump Administration an off-ramp into political and economic conflict, rather than military showdpwn” — and the possible response by Trump’s officials.

After the speech, I offered (from 11:32 in 1630-1700 Segment) immediate analysis summarizing the muddled if combative Trump approach.

Good Lord, that was a hot mess. The Americans aren’t going to up the ante with immediate military action, but Trump doesn’t know what to do next.

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