Iraqi security forces collect fragments of missiles fired by Iran on the US base in Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan (Andalou)

I spoke to British and Irish radio on Wednesday about Iran’s missile attacks on two US bases in Iraq, explaining why they could be a path to de-escalation — and Tehran’s emphasis on political moves against the US in the Middle East — rather than war.

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A discussion on Talkback, alongside Drew Mikhael of Queen’s University Belfast, about Iran’s tactics with the missile strike — “saving face” while allowing for military de-escalation — and the “wild card” of the Trump Administration’s response.

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We discuss the Iranian tactics, the significance of the US base in Anbar Province in western Iraq since 2003, and why there were no casualties from the missile strikes.

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The Iranians are happy now to take this off the military table and to beat the Americans politically through negotiations: US troops out of Iraq, Iran suspending its participation in the 2015 nuclear deal to say to the Europeans, the Chinese, and Russians: “Talk to us about how we get back in the deal with the bypass of US sanctions.

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