Will UK Prime Minister’s Boris Johnson avoidance of an interview by BBC’s Andrew Neil make a difference in UK General Election?

I joined talkRADIO’s Darryl Morris early Friday to review the state of the UK General Election, a week before the December 12 vote.

We look at questions over four of the parties — not forgetting that the Scottish National Party, the Welsh national party Plaid Cymru, the Northern Irish parties, and the Greens may also have significant roles in the outcome.

Listen from 9:32 during 0400-0430 Segment

Will Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson succeed in avoiding accountability, through tactics of diversion and deception?

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Will the Labour Party’s attention to public services be undermined by challenges to its approach to anti-Semitism?

Can the Liberal Democrats make a difference in some seats where they are currently second, through a last-week surge and tactical voting?

And is the Brexit Party doomed after its campaign to nowhere?