UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Hancock stand in a hospital and wonder what to do next

Will a No Deal Brexit threaten supplies of food and vital medicines?

On Thursday, Professor Sally Davies, who has just stepped down as the UK’s Chief Medical Officer, said:

The health service and everyone has worked very hard to prepare. But I say what I’ve said before – that we cannot guarantee that there will not be shortages, not only in medicines but technology and gadgets and things. And there may be deaths, we can’t guarantee there won’t.

The assessment knocked back the assurance of Michael Gove, the Cabinet Minister in charge of no-deal planning, that “no one in this country will suffer in their health because of a no-deal Brexit”.

So what’s the reality of the situation? And how likely, 20 days before the 31 October deadline, is a No Deal Brexit?

I discussed the issues with Voice of Islam on Thursday — listen from 1:22.53: