UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson wearing a hard hat for a No Deal Brexit (Julian Simmonds)

I spoke with talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer on Monday about Boris Johnson’s latest empty public-relations declaration as he charges towards No Deal Brexit, and about dealing with the Jeffrey Epstein case, now that the sex offender is dead and conspiracy theories are swirling.

Listen from 7:59 in the 0630-0700 Segment

I got to be honest with you, there’s no substantial plans coming out from this Government. There will be no substantial plans because everything will be dominated in September and October by Brexit.

And on the Epstein case, as the cirumstances around his death in prison — and the many public figures caught up in the allegations about sexual abuse — produce fevered speculation:

It’s imperative that the investigation continue on a thorough and above-board basis because the real scandal is that Jeffrey Epstein got off light and that there was not a full investigation — people sat on it. It’s time to remedy this.