I joined CNN Internatonal’s George Howell on Sunday morning to discuss the latest from the G7 summit in France, including Donald Trump’s meeting with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

We discuss the politics of Trump-Johnson unity, as the Prime Minister promotes a mythical US-UK trade deal after a British crash-out from the European Union — but also how Johnson risked a “sheeplike” note of dissent from Trump’s trade war with China.

The US has leverage because a US-UK trade deal is mythical — you cannot get a trade deal, even under the best of circumstances, within 2 to 4 years.

But Johnson has to maintain the illusion. The problem? That makes it look like he is in the Americans’ pocket — that he’s almost begging for a deal.

There’s also a look beyond a “G5+2” to France’s Emmanuel Macron setting the agenda for the G7, not only for this weekend but in the months to come, and how that’s upsetting the Trump camp as it seeks a second term.