Demonstrators outside the Defense Ministry in Khartoum, Sudan (Reuters)

In a packed 15-minute Week in Review, I joined talkRADIO’s Paul Ross to discuss the latest situation in Syria, the Sudan uprising, Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg and the US Democrats, and climate change protests in the UK.

Listen from 11:59 in 0100-0130 Segment

We begin with a Syrian review that focuses on the plight of the displaced in the Rukban camp, under siege and pressed by Russia and the regime into insecure returns to home areas.

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We discuss the state of protests that, having deposed long-time authoritarian leader Omar al-Bashir, are demanding assurances of civilian rule. Then it’s to the US for a survey of the rising campaign of “Mayor Pete” and how Democrats navigate issues and the presentation of “center” v. “left”.

We conclude with thoughts on effective steps to deal with the climate change crisis, amid direct action in London which has already led to 200 arrests.

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