The last minutes of White Helmets rescuer Mahmoud Abdel Aal before he was killed by an airstrike, reportedly by Russian warplanes, on Idlib Province on Saturday:

Journalist Hadi al-Abdallah reports from the scene of regime airstrikes on medical clinics and civil defense centers, including in the town of Saraqeb:

Russia has reportedly bombed inside opposition-held Idlib Province in northwest Syria, breaking its own demilitarized zone.

The strike, which killed one White Helmets rescuers and wounded others, was on Saturday near the city of Jisr al-Shughour in northwest Idlib. It came a day after Turkey said Moscow and Ankara had begun complementary patrols of Idlib to prevent clashes between pro-Assad and rebel forces.

Syria Daily: Turkey and Russia Patrols in Idlib — Will They Stop Regime Attacks?

The head of the White Helmets, Raed Saleh, said a volunteer was killed in a “double tap” attack, in which rescuers and others are targeted in a follow-up strike as they respond to the first bomb.

At the same time, Assad regime warplanes reportedly bombed in southeast Idlib, defying the 15 to 20-km deep and 100-km long demilitarized zone around Idlib and northern Hama Provinces.

The attacks were on towns such as Saraqeb. A child was reportedly killed, with “many people” wounded.

Among the targets were medical clinics and civil defense centers.

The demilitarized zone was announced by Turkey, which has troops alongside rebels in the northwest, and Russia last September.

The Assad regime’s forces have regularly shelled the area despite the declaration. They stepped up the attacks in February, killing at least 47 people — most of them women and children — in a 10-day period.

Hardline jihadists retaliated in northern Hama with an attack on a regime checkpoint, reportedly killing at least 25 troops. Despite the Turkish declaration of the complementary patrols, there was more regime shelling and clashes on Friday.