I joined CNN International’s George Howell on Sunday to discuss the early state of the Democratic race for the 2020 Presidential nomination.

Watch from 3:25:

Political WorldView Podcast: The Democrats Running for President in 2020

Going beyond a CNN poll from Iowa, where the first caucus will be held in January, I discussed the folly of singling out a single candidate from a crowded field and — more importantly — the counter-productive framing of “center” v. “left” in the most important US election in recent history.

Commenting on the significance of issues, I argue:

I’m not going to play this game [of center v. left] because Donald Trump’s tactic will be to scream “socialism” and that all Democrats are enemies within.

When you say center v. left, you obscure something. It doesn’t matter if you’re conservative, moderate, or on the left — you probably have a concern about the environment. You probably have a concern about education, and you definitely have a concern about health care if you or your children are unwell.