Donald Trump and National Security Advisor John Bolton (File)

I spoke with Austria’s Radio FM on Monday to explain how US agencies have successfully opposed Donald Trump’s order for withdrawal of all American troops from Syria.

Listen at 13:40

We discuss National Security John Bolton’s announcement and why it means in the wider Syrian conflict, including for Kurdish factions — whom the US have been supporting against the Islamic State and Turkey.

Donald Trump has almost no knowledge whatsoever is happening in Syria. He is like a 5-year-old who has no clue what is happening in the front room of a house but goes around breaking things.

Since Trump’s announcement on December 19, American agencies have been responding by trying to put together pieces of the furniture.

The agencies are trying to deal with the chaos of Donald Trump. Their biggest foe is not the Assad regime, Iran, or Russia. Their biggest foe is the man who supposedly leads them.

Syria Daily, Jan 7: Trump’s Withdrawal is Suspended