Michael Cohen, Donald Trump, and Paul Manafort

An analysis on Facebook Live of why the latest developments in the Trump-Russia investigation are an important advance, possibly for a showdown with Donald Trump in the spring.

EA on talkRADIO: From the Death of Bush to the Downfall of Trump

We have a cast — former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, Trump campaign advisors Roger Stone and George Papadopoulos; Trump’s former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen; WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange; Russians; and Donald Trump — and a timeline:

*Autumn 2015: Cohen establishes contact, through Trump business associate Felix Sater, with Russians over a possible Trump Tower in Moscow

*”Around March 2016″: Manafort reportedly meets Assange in Ecudorean Embassy in London

*March 2016: WikiLeaks make 1st call for documents on Hillary Clinton; Russian military intelligence begins hacking of servers of Democratic National Committee and Clinton’s staff; Trump campaign approves George Papadopoulos proposal to seek Trump meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin

*April 2016: Russian channel, London-based academic Joseph Mifsud, offers Clinton e-mails to Papadopoulos

*June 2016: Cohen continues talks with Russians, including office of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, over Moscow Trump Tower and Trump visit to Russia; top Trump advisors, including son and son-in-law, meet three Kremlin-linked envoys in Trump Tower; Trump calls for hacking of Clinton’s e-mails

*July 2016: WikiLeaks publishes first batch of material on Democrats and Clinton

*Summer 2016: Trump advisor Roger Stone and his friend, conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi, in contact with Assange over Clinton material

*October 2016: WikiLeaks publishes main set of e-mails on Democrats and Clinton