Supreme Leader speaks to families of Iranian martyrs, Tehran, December 12, 2018

Iran’s Supreme Leader has proclaimed that, despite Washington’s sanctions and pressure, the US “will never be able to do a damn thing” about the Islamic Republic.

Ayatollah Khamenei’s latest defiance came in a speech to the families of slain Iranian troops in Tehran on Wednesday. He portrayed a US that, with Israel and “reactionary regional states” such as Saudi Arabia, will never stop plotting against Iran:

If you want to know America’s true face, look at its current president and statesmen because they have vividly and openly laid bare the ugly and hateful face that is typical of American statesmen.

Then he insisted, “They have not managed to do anything so far, and will never be able to do a damn thing either.”

Speaking about the Trump Administration’s statements as well as comprehensive sanctions that took effect on November 5, Khamenei depicted Washington pursuing regime change through protests:

They were planning to lead some to the streets and had even referred to it as ‘the hot summer.’ To the enemies’ dismay, this past summer was one of the best ever….

The Iranian nation is standing in all strength and will, by divine grace, celebrate the 40th anniversary of the revolution in far greater splendor this year.

Using Yemen

The Supreme Leader used the Yemen civil war, including US-supported intervention by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, to denounce the Trump Administration.

They (the Saudis) thought they would gain control [of Yemen] in a matter of days or weeks. [But] the farther they go, the harder they will fall down and the more stinging will be the blow that they will receive.

Iran has provided political support to the Houthi insurgency, which controls the Yemeni capital Sana’a and much of the country. The US and its allies say Tehran is also supplying weapons, a claimed rejected by Tehran.