In our weekly journey through TrumpLand, I spoke with talkRADIO’s Alexis Conran on Saturday about Donald Trump’s shutdown of the US Federal Government.

Listen from 24:40 during 1800-1830 Segment

The discussion reviews the status of the closure, with almost 800,000 federal employees now being advised by the Administration to seek relief from landlords and creditors over payment of bills, and with Trump cancelling a scheduled 2.1% pay increase.

TrumpWatch, Day 709: Cornered Trump Lies About Migrant Deaths and Russia Investigation

We evaluate Trump’s recourse to empty threats, including closure of the US-Mexico border. Then we explain why he won’t back away, even as Democrats — with the support of Senate Republicans — prepare a continuing resolution to reopen the Government, including at least $1.3 billion in border security money but no funds for Trump’s “vanity project” of The Wall.

Think about this like a snake oil salesman, with his spectacle over substance. If the snake oil salesman gives up the spectacle, gives up the show, he’s got nothing. Absolutely nothing.

That’s why Trump is boxed in now.