Now that Brett Kavanaugh has been rammed through as a Supreme Court Justice by the White House and Republican leaders, a 25-minute analysis not only of how we got here but what lies ahead in a generational challenge for America:

1. Introduction: A Damaged America

“I think not only of Judge Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court, but of issues far more important: issues of an America whose values and system are damaged.”

2. (2:14) How Did We Get Here? The White House, the GOP Leadership, and the Rush to Confirmation

3. (5:32) Christine Blasey Ford Comes Forward

“She came forward not as part of a Democratic ‘dirty tricks’ campaign, but because she had doubts about Judge Kavanaugh because she was ‘100%’ certain that he tried to rape her in 1982.”

4. (7:42) The Other Sexual Assaults

“I still think, after his testimony to the Judiciary Committee, that Brett Kavanaugh could have been confirmed easily if it was a simple case of just Christine Blasey Ford’s claims v. his. But it wasn’t just one woman.”

5. (9:39) Preventing an Investigation

“Let’s be honest here. The White House lawyers issued directives to the FBI: you can interview a few people but don’t interview anyone else.”

6. (12:53) Attacking Ford, Attacking Women Who Speak Out

“Christine Blasey Ford had to be humiliated. But it’s not just the humiliation of sexual assault survivors. Those who support them are called a ‘mob’. The President of the United States has said they are paid by George Soros — the smear that rich Jewish liberals are out to get us.”

7. (16:15) “Kavanaugh Is A Victim, All Men Are Victims”

“The man who faces the claim of a sexual assault — who has his family, who has his career, who has the opportunity of great wealth — becomes the victim. And, in the words of Donald Trump, all men are victims.

This is a replay of why women, for decades, have been wary of coming forward to be heard.”

8. (18:15) Where There Is Hope

“As Christine Blasey Ford opened the box of her sexual assault and confronted it, many more people are opening the box: How long can we go on putting down those who have suffered sexual assault? How long can we push them to the side? How long can we insult them for our political convenience?”

9. (24:05) “Nevertheless We Persist”

Against those who would try to silence victims and those who speak out for them, against those who prefer to insult to decency, against those who prefer division to dialogue…

Nevertheless We Persist.