UPDATE, OCT 7: In our weekly journey across TrumpLand, I spoke with Alexis Conran of talkRADIO about the Kavanaugh case and the lessons for US justice, politics, society.

Listen from 20:06 in 1730-1800 Segment

From Day 1, even before the sexual assault claims, the Republicans railroaded this — or tried to — through Congress. They withheld thousands of documents, they tried to put down questions about Kavanaugh’s political operations in the Bush Administration.

They thought they had it in the bag. Then Christine Blasey Ford came forward….

Kavanaugh is now on the Court, but American politics is going to change over the next generation — about women’s rights, about sexual assault, and about the participation of women in society and politics.

VideoCast: From Damage to Hope — Beyond Brett Kavanaugh

As the White House and GOP leadership complete their mission to put Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, I spoke with BBC Radio Wales on Saturday about the effects beyond Kavanaugh and even beyond the prospect of a partisan Court.

With the dedicated effort to push aside women who raise the issue of sexual assault — tarring them for speaking out and treating them as mistaken, deluded, or even the tool of dangerous foes — will there be a re-energized movement for women’s rights and for action on social issues?

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The issue of women and sexual violence is now elevated. It is now a question of respect for women. It is a question of dialogue with women. It is a question of not dismissing women as lunatic. It is a question of breaking the wall of shame, the wall of fear….

We’ve had a dramatic chapter in the past week but there is a bigger story to come.