I spoke with Rosemary Church of CNN International on Monday about Donald Trump’s anxiety about the “Quiet Resistance” within his Administration, with attempts to discredit the “senior Administration official” who wrote an Op-Ed for The New York Times last week, declarations of a national security threat, and advisors — including Mike Pence — scrambling to deny that they are involved.

I think we should just have a new series of The Apprentice, where we could play all out this in front of Donald Trump and he could wag the finger and say, “You’re Fired, Mr/Ms. Anonymous”

What the Administration is trying to do this weekend is say this is one bad apple who should reveal him/herself.

That pushes away two important points. The first is why this “senior Administration official” has not come forward. He/she believes that if he/she leaves, there is no firewall against Donald Trump and his unpredictability.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the author says, “It’s not just me. There are dozens of us in multiple agencies who are working to contain this President, perhaps even block him.