After a Twitter outburst, fuelled by anger over the attention to memorials for John McCain, Donald Trump falls silent for a day.

Trump and/or his staff put out 16 messages on Saturday before and after Trump’s golf game at his Virginia club. He bashed Canada and threatened to scrap the North American Free Trade Agreement, railed against the Trump-Russia investigation, and closed — in an implicit rebuke to the eulogy of McCain’s daughter Meghan — “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”.

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But on Sunday, Trump limited himself to a double tweet and a retweet trying to promote his popularity, after the accolades for McCain and a downturn in Trump’s approval rating, including among African Americans.

Trump then sought solace in the one opinion poll which has consistently given him higher support “@Rasmussen_Poll just came out at 48% approval rate despite the constant and intense Fake News”.

Last week Trump’s approval rating dropped to 39% in an ABC poll, with disapproval at 60%. Across all polls, Trump’s approval is at 40.3% with disapproval rising to 54.5%.

There were no clues to how Trump spent the rest of his day, on or off the golf course, and his plans for Labor Day on Monday.

Meanwhile, Senator Lindsey Graham — a Trump ally but a long-time ally of John McCain — pushed back against any criticism of Meghan McCain by Trump and his media supporters. He noted Trump’s repeated insults of McCain, until the final days of the Senator’s life:

She is her father’s daughter. If you say something bad about her dad, you will know it, whether you’re the janitor or the President of the United States. She is grieving for the father she adored. I think most Americans understand that.