UPDATE, SEPT 27: I spoke with BBC Radio Foyle on Thursday about today’s forthcoming testimony by Brett Kavanaugh and by the first of his accusers, Professor Christine Blasey Ford, before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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The Republicans who are backing Kavanaugh will want this all to go away. They’ll try to say after today, “This is done. We can have the vote tomorrow.”

But I think, given the multiple accusations, this political battle will go into next week, at the least.

UPDATE, SEPT 26: I joined Austria’s Radio FM4 on Tuesday to discuss latest developments, including Brett Kavanaugh’s unprecedented appearance on a TV channel — the Trump Administration outlet Fox — alongside his wife to try and sweep away the sexual assault allegations.

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This is no longer a position of whether or not Kavanaugh carried out what is in effect attempted rape on at least one occasion. He has gone farther by denying he was in the location where these events happened — if this is found not to be the case, that will be enough to sink his nomination.

If Brett Kavanaugh had put his hand up and said, “My actions were inappropriate,” I think he could have closed this off….Kavanaugh didn’t put his hand up and admit to anything. He is portraying himself as the angel during these years.

ORIGINAL ENTRY: I spoke with William Crawley of BBC Newstalk on Monday about decency vs. politics in the hearings of Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who faces multiple allegations of sexual assault.

The other panelist is Trump supporter Patrick Swint, who tried a series of lines — like the White House and the Kavanaugh camp — to dismiss the accounts of the accusers.

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There are two women who have come forward by name to make claims. To question them about why they are coming forward now is something I am not going to countenance — but this is what Donald Trump and the White House are trying to do, even calling Christine Blasey Ford a liar.

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