I spoke twice with Rosemary Church of CNN International on Wednesday morning, setting the latest polls on Donald Trump v. the — far more important — issues of the Trump-Russia investigation and the latest furor around his racism.

Even if Donald Trump’s supporters say the Russia investigation is awful, this should go away, it’s the legal process that matters here.

And Robert Mueller, until he finds out what did or did not happen with the Russians in 2016, is not going to go away.

You don’t need a tape from Omarosa of Donald Trump using the N-word to establish a pattern of behavior and actions, all the way back to the 1970s, for Trump’s racism….

The breaking point for is not whether that tape exists. What a man says in a moment, using a racial epithet, that’s bad. But what a man does over years, and what a man does over months as the President of the United States — when he appears to endorse white supremacy, when he has targeted Muslims, immigrants, Hispanic Americans, Chinese Americans, and African Americans, when he treats them as lower than the rest of us — that’s what I’m concerned about.

Omarosa’s tape is merely window dressing on the wider issue on whether this man should be President of the United States.