Iran Daily: Revolutionary Guards — Domestic Threats More Serious Than Those from Abroad

Revolutionary Guards commander Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari (pictured) has said, “Weaknesses and threats originating from inside Iran are more serious than threats from abroad.”

Jafari discussed issues for Iran’s regime on Friday. He did not explain the nature of the domestic threats, but Iran’s economy is in a critical state amid US sanctions and problems with currency, production, investment, employment, and the environment.

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Without going into specifics, the commander accused Iranian officials of being disillusioned and overwhelmed by “media hype” about the situation.

The general’s emphasis was on deriding the US, saying the Trump Administration’s challenge is “absurd and hollow” and will be “costly for America”.

On Thursday, the commander of the Guards’ Quds Force, Gen. Qassem Soleimani, declared, “The Red Sea is no longer safe for Americans,” and addressed Donald Trump, “I would stand against you single-handedly.”

The Trump Administration withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal on May 8. It ordered the expansion of US sanctions, including punishment of any foreign company with American ties which continues business with Iran after November 4.

Last weekend, the Supreme Leader repeated his denunciation of the Americans and President Hassan Rouhani — forced by hardliners into a tougher rhetorical position towards Washington — spoke of the “mother of all wars” and directly challenged Trump “not to play with the Lion’s tail”.

Trump responded with an all-caps tweet on Sunday, “Never, never threaten the United States again or you will suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before.”

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  1. Seems even Sepah knows that the Mullahs days are numbered. Even Qom and Mashahad have turned on them that would be like Texas turning on the Republicans or Prussia siding against the NSDAP.


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